Obento (Lunch Box) Class with Miyuki Suyari

Enjoy cooking Japanese food in Miyuki Suyari's home kitchen as she shares her passion for authentic Japanese flavours

Obento is a special kind of Japanese packed lunch that’s not only delicious but also very attractive and healthy. It typically consists of rice, main dish, and two side dishes.

There are three important points in making an obento. First, the container must have a partition for rice so as not to stick with other flavors. This can be occasionally substituted with pasta or bread. Second, the main dish can be anything from chicken karaage (fried chicken), dumpling, fish or hamburger while side dish can be any simple sautéed vegetable or salad. Third, there should be an overall balance of protein (meat), carbohydrates (rice), and fiber (vegetables) that gives obento the variety of color, flavor, and nutrition.

With these three important points, you can make your own obento box and even put different food props to make it even more appetizing.

About the class:

  • Instructions will be in English
  • All cooking ingredients and tools will be provided including the use of apron and recipe printout
  • Disposable bento box will be provided but students are welcome to bring their own
  • Participants will have hands-on experience in preparing obento
  • After the class, students will enjoy their meal with Miyuki
  • If you have allergies or special requests, please let us know
  • Schedule: 3 hours
    • Mini introduction to cooking ingredients
    • Ingredients and sauce preparation
    • Cooking rice
    • Making side dishes
    • Preparing the main dish
    • Plating and table arrangement
    • Enjoy the meal with the class


  • Choose one main dish:
    • Tori Tsukune (Mini Chicken Burger with Teriyaki Sauce)
    • Karaage chicken (Japanese Style Fried Chicken)
    • Mini Tonkatsu (Deep fried pork in panko)
    • Teriyaki Salmon or Chicken
    • Ginger Pork
    • Stir-fry Tofu with vegetables
  •  Tamagoyaki (Japanese style omelet)
  • 3 vegetable side dishes (green, red, yellow)
  • Onigiri (rice balls)

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Obento (Lunch Box) Class with Miyuki Suyari

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