5 Must-Try Cheesecake Shops in Tokyo

Cheesecakes have been around since ancient Greek time and other countries have their own version of this heavenly treat. You can find cheesecake shops in Tokyo selling this treat not just a dessert in restaurants, but also in convenience stores and food stalls found in the streets. One can have it baked or no-bake, with its familiar biscuit crumb base and with different toppings such as fruits, chocolates, and even cookies. It can be in a form of sliced, mini-cake, or even put in a cup. Although it isn’t a traditional dessert in the country, Japanese people have made their own mark in the cheesecake scene, giving their own aesthetics not just appearance wise but also gave their own flavor in the cheesecakes. Unlike the familiar New York-based cheesecake variety, which is quite dense, heavy on the texture and has a high sugar content, Japanese cheesecakes are more akin to a chiffon-like cake which has a light and fluffy texture that melts in your mouth. It is also less sweet than its New York-based counterparts making it a perfect companion for a cup of coffee or green tea.

You can find these heavenly cheesecakes in practically every café or bakery in Tokyo and the rest of the country; each one serving a one of kind version of their own. Below is a small selection of five cheesecake shops in Tokyo that you must visit if you want to have a taste of this treat.

pablo must try cheesecakes in tokyo
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Starting off the list are the cheese tarts found in PABLO (1-14-21 Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo). Originating in Osaka, PABLO built its flagship outlet in Shinbashi and has been expanding since; taking it as far as Okinawa. They have also taken their stores outside of Japan and now have an international outlet placed in the Philippines. The very first thing that you will notice when you buy their cheese tarts is their brand logo placed on top of every cheese tart. You can choose to have your cheese tart’s texture rare or medium rare. Combined with its flaky crust it has a rich cheese texture that oozes out once you take a bite. It’s a perfectly crafted cheese tart that is worth buying. You can buy it as a gift or just have one for your own guilty pleasure.

cheese garden must try cheesecakes in tokyo
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Cheese Garden (1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida Ward, Tokyo) is another great place to visit if you want to get your hands on authentic Japanese cheesecakes. One of their bestsellers is their Goyotei Cheesecake that is so perfect and smooth that you kind of don’t want to ruin it by slicing it. It oozes out with sophistication and refinement every time and every bite is a heavenly treat. They are made using only the finest ingredients available. Originally made in Tochigi Prefecture, their cheesecake has that rich and dense texture but without being too overpowering. It is creamy and the flavors are bold and refined. It’s the perfect snack to indulge in.

tokyo buono must try cheesecakes in tokyo
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With their uniquely designed cheesecakes, Tokyo Buono (1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida Ward, Tokyo) is another winner when it comes to cheesecake shops in Tokyo. They produce stick shaped cheesecakes which are individually wrapped and very convenient to eat anytime. You can buy a whole box of them and take it with you anywhere. They use a fine combination of quality cream cheese and Camembert cheese to produce their one of a kind cheesecake. It also doesn’t hurt that they incorporate a special cheese imported from Denmark into the mix. Their cheesecake sticks are fluffy and creamy, perfect for an afternoon snack or maybe a midnight treat when you’re craving something a little bit mischevious. You can find these cheesecake sticks sold in major train stations and airports.

cinq cinq must try cheesecakes in tokyo
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If you can’t seem to choose just one cheesecake variety, then you must try a cheesecake sampler in Cinq Cinq (2-48 Azabu-Juban, Minato Ward, Tokyo). It has ten different varieties of cheesecake in one cake! Made from quality cheese from Hokkaido. Their base is a basic cheesecake which is incorporated with different flavors and textures. They have slices of chocolate cheesecake featuring a Belgian chocolate, as well as blueberry, apple, yuzu, tomato, strawberry, fig, pumpkin, cherry blossoms, Le Lectier pears, and Dekopon mandarin oranges. It’s the perfect cheesecake for those who like variety in their cake and it’s also great as a gift or souvenir. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee or just eat it on its own.

shirotae must try cheesecakes in tokyo
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Of all the cheesecake shops in Tokyo, you absolutely must visit Sirotae Cake Shop (4-1-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo). Though the shop offers other items such as their fluffy cream puffs, breads and other pastries, their cheesecake is clearly the fan favorite among the bunch. It has a buttery and crumbly crust that is layered with a rich and creamy cheesecake. It’s topped with slivers of pistachios for that right crunch in every bite. The slices are smaller than the usual but don’t let that size fool you because their cheesecakes are bold and rich in flavor and texture. It’s perfect with a cup of Ceylon tea.

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