5 Places to Find Tasty Cake in Tokyo

If you’re anything like me, you have a bit of an unrelenting sweet tooth. I personally love cake. There is nothing more satisfying than eating a really nice piece of cake. And after years of watching Studio Ghibli films, I had a certain expectation for cake when I got to Japan. Luckily for me, cake is really popular in Tokyo and I really did not have any trouble finding delicious cake. So here are my top 5 places to find tasty cake in Tokyo.

I started my cake journey close to home in Hakusan. There’s this little bakery between the 100 yen store and cheap sushi restaurant. This little shop is called Patisserie Shimon and while the cakes can get expensive depending on what you’re after, it is well worth the price. I got a little chocolate cake, full of the richness I was expecting from such a decadent looking thing. I was not expecting the little bit of lychee in the middle. Maybe if I’d been able to read the sign I would not have been surprised, but surprised I was. I was not disappointed at this discovering, but rather quite pleased because it added a little twist to an otherwise simple, classic dessert.Chocolate cake from Patisserie Shimon

In almost every Ghibli movie I’ve seen, there has always been the most delicious looking strawberry shortcake and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t come up with this article solely so I could run around eating strawberry shortcake. If you want to spoil yourself with strawberries and cream then the best place to go is the Studio Ghibli Museum Cafe. But if you can’t manage to get a ticket to the museum on this trip then I recommend trying out the Cozy Corner in Ginza. I found Cozy Corner while on my way to check out a couple of different places to find tasty cake in Tokyo, but I never made it that far. Instead, I was drawn in by an incredibly decadent cake in the shop’s window. I had my friend in tow and by this time she was shaking her head at me and my somewhat unnecessary excitement about a cake shop. 

Strawberry shortcake from Cozy Corner Ginza

Maybe you want something a little bit different. If you’re more into tart like sweets then you absolutely need to head over to Qu’il Fait Bon. I am not normally a fan of coconut, but when faced with the pressure of having to order I picked a tart that had some mango on it. I realized afterward that I had just ordered, possibly my least favorite ingredient in this cake. To my surprise, I enjoyed this treat immensely. The tart can only be described as a “summer at the beach” type of cake. If you want to shop for cake and take some home then the ground floor shop is a must. If you would like to sit down and enjoy some cake with a coffee or tea, there is a cafe downstairs. You can access the cafe outside and directly to the left (when facing Qu’il Fait Bon).

Inside of Qu'il Fait Bon in Ginza

Last but not least, in Marunouchi, there is a small shop called Maison De Beurre. It is a small shop that sells mostly dairy products, but in the display case, there is the cutest selection of French sweets. If you want ice cream, though, this is definitely a place to visit. There aren’t any spots to sit down at the shop, but it’s right next to a garden with outdoor seating. It’s the perfect little way to treat yourself in the middle of a workday and while it’s not quite a cake, it’s close enough and therefore, I consider it one of the better places to find tasty cake in Tokyo.

Chocolate Eclair and vanilla cake

These are my top 5 places to find tasty cake in Tokyo and what I have found to work with my limited budget as a student. There are many more places to explore in Tokyo and you can find cake almost anywhere. If I’m really craving some cake, but am really low on funds I’ll normally head to my closest konbini and grab whatever cake I fancy. With that said, I absolutely recommend these places for something to satisfy your sweet tooth. For now, though, I’m going to take this cake and eat too.

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