6 Must Eat Japanese Food in Tokyo

Tokyo is a mecca of delicious foods where you can find any number of delicacies in the various neighborhoods within its boundaries. Amidst this culinary wonderland, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding where to eat, especially if you’re strapped for time. Worry not though because here is a list of six must eat Japanese foods and where to find them to help you navigate the Tokyo food scene.

Outside of Uoriki Kaisen Sushi
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Sushi is arguably the quintessential Japanese dish known the world over.  Started as fermented fish pickled with rice, sushi has evolved over the years and become a must eat while you are in Japan. One great place to get sushi is Uoriki Kaisen Sushi inside a depachika near Shibuya station. This sushi-ya can get the freshest fish thanks to the fact that it acts as an intermediary for other sushi-yas to buy fish from Toyosu Fish Market. This allows them to offer low prices for great tasting meals. If you visit, make sure to get the ten-piece set which will only cost you 1000 yen!

Outside of Rokurinsha Ramen
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In Japan ramen is a great go-to meal, it’s quick, satisfying, and cheap. With a variety of options to choose from, there is sure to be one that will leave you satisfied. If you’re looking for a great place to get some ramen, check out Rokurinsha Ramen located underneath Tokyo Station’s Ramen Street, they serve some of the best bowls of ramen in Tokyo. Rokurinsha’s ramen has a thick broth with chewy noodles and a generous amount of sliced pork combined with a glorious egg that is sure to make your mouth water.

Outside of Sometaro Okonomiyaki
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While in Tokyo make sure to savor Okonomiyaki. Consisting of a flour-based batter, shredded cabbage, and anything you wish. You mix them all well together and cook it the way you like it. In Sometaro Okonomiyaki, you will experience a one of a kind okonomiyaki experience. Here you can choose to have your okonomiyaki in a variety of ways all of which will make your mouth water.

Front of Ginza Fukuyoshi
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Takoyaki is a popular go-to summer treat in Japan. Generally made of special batter mixed with a heaping amount of cabbage and whatever else you want this dish is sure to please. If you’re in the mood for this summertime treat Gindako a chain restaurant all over Japan is the go-to place for takoyaki. Though if you’re looking for a more traditional experience then head on over to Ginza Fukuyoshi and taste their fluffy takoyaki.

Entrance to Kanakara in Ginza
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If you find yourself out on a chilly night warm yourself up by having a delicious serving of oden. Oden is a dish made from firm tofu, fish cakes, radish, eggs, and other ingredients all boiled in dashi broth. If you want to get a taste of oden checkout Konakara a specialty restaurant which serves some of the best oden in Tokyo.

Front of Tsujiri
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Cap off your day with a signature Japanese matcha dessert. Matcha is a flexible ingredient that has been made in a variety of forms such as pudding, cheesecake, ice-cream, or mixed in a milkshake. At Tsujiri, you can have your matcha cravings satiated with their soft-serve ice-cream or if you’d prefer to have a drink then there is also a smoothie option available.

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