Cooking Classes and Food Tours in Tokyo

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Explore Tokyo Food
More than 160.000 restaurants, Tokyo is the heaven for foodies. Due to the limitless number of options, you will definitely need a guide to discover the best food in Tokyo. Therefore, we have created the Tokyo Food Guide for you.
Experience Yourself
Whether you’re a solo traveler or with your family and friends, there is always a food event suitable for you in Tokyo. Book a food event, learn about food, culture, and people in Japan but also gain a new friend or what’s better, new friends!
Spread Happiness
When we enjoy Japanese food in Tokyo we also feel responsible for those who cannot have food. Therefore, we created Food for Happiness Project. You can now help us to feed 10 children by joining a food event on Tokyo by Food.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo Our customers love these food events in Tokyo

Handmade Soba Noodles Cooking Class

Experience the process of making soba noodles from scratch. If you enjoy a good stir-fry or chilled salad then this is a must-have skill for a healthy diet.
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Suginami Shin-koenji Tokyo

Brown Rice Sushi Making Class in Tokyo

If you love sushi and also care about making healthy food then this class is perfect for you.
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Meguro Tokyo

Tokyo Vegan Cooking Class

Learn and prepare a vegan meal of some of Japan’s most popular dishes. From soups to desserts and everything in between, dive into an experience that is both healthy and delicious all at once.
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Kasai Tokyo

Make Your Own Ramen and Gyoza in Asakusa

In this special cooking class, work your way in as you learn how to make a classic bowl of ramen and the perfect crispy gyoza to match!
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Asakusa Asakusa Tokyo

6 Hours Limitless Japanese Sake Drinking in Ikebukuro

With its great selection of Japanese sake, cap off the night with Ikebukuro’s famous sake nomihoudai and enjoy a great time with strangers turned companions.
Toshima 170-0014 Ikebukuro Tokyo

Tasting 6 Mini Bowls of Ramen at 3 Award-winning Shops in Tokyo

Have a fun and exciting tour in this ramen tasting tour where you will have a taste of not just one but six mini bowls of ramen!
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Nakameguro Tokyo

Toshimaya Shuzo Sake Brewery Tour

Witness the magic and beauty of seeing firsthand, how Japanese people make their popularly sake drink in this fun and exciting Toshimaya Shuzo Sake Brewery Tour.
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Higashimurayama Tokyo

Wagashi (Japanese Traditional Sweets) Class

Delicate and artistic, you will learn how to make one of the most historical and beautiful Japanese dessert of all time, wagashi.
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Meguro Meguro Tokyo

Tea Ceremony in Traditional Tea Room

Learn to make proper matcha tea while eating mouth-watering Japanese sweets in this beautiful, traditional tea ceremony experience.
Yanaka Tokyo

Tokyo Kaiseki Cuisine Cooking Class

Experience what it’s like to eat like a local by learning to cook legendary and traditional kaiseki cuisine, the world's finest meal.
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Shinanomachi Tokyo

Allstar Food Tour in the Heart of Tokyo

A culinary experience wherein you will celebrate the feel and taste delectable dishes straight from the heart of Tokyo
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Chiyoda Yurakucho Tokyo

Cartoon Character Bento Making Class

Cook not only delicious but also appealing character bento (lunch box) in Tokyo
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160-0004 Yotsuya Tokyo

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