A French Salaryman in a Ramen and Yakitori Tour in Tokyo

As a human being, I regularly need to get some food, one way or another, and usually as much as I can. Now I believe a physical need can also be coupled with a nice culinary experience.

This is what happened on the night of November the 12th (around 8 pm).

I got the chance to be part of a small group going on a food tour. The aim was to discover new ramen and yakitori places in a new part of Tokyo with a group of new people and with my fresh new shoes.

We all met up at Hatagaya station near Shinjuku and the band was composed of 2 Turkish – Birim and Serkan, 2 US citizens – Renee and Brian, then me.

After the greetings we started to head to the place, going along the main shopping street right behind the station and suddenly turning left in a dark and narrow street. Here was the ramen shop, a kind of hole in the wall, where around 10 people could seat without feeling like the Hibiya line at 8.30am.

Our guide was Brian who runs the Youtube channel Ramen Adventures. Very easy going guy who definitely knows what he is talking about. Was a pleasure to have him sharing his knowledge and passion.

The first impression I got when entering was the level of cleanness. You could tell the young people running it had high standards on how nice they keep the place. They were also both wearing a facemask to cover their mouths.

We got our ramen ticket, passed it over, sat down, and admired the team working with the staff to get your ramen done as soon as possible and with great dedication.

While waiting Brian was giving us some info about the backstory of the shop and we were going back and forth with some questions.

The bowls arrived shortly and looked fantastic.


The soup was of a clear bouillon that unleashed some deep notes of mushroom flavor that felt like taking a long walk in the woods.

The soy sauced eggs are one of my favorite part of a ramen so the one in my cup didn’t last very long. Great surprise on the noodles that were closer to a soba style. The shop custom orders it from a local factory and went once again very well with the season and the shitake broth.

At last, the meat wasn’t the highlight of the dish but well c’est la vie.

After a total completion of our meals we headed outside and Brian took us to an Izakaya cause obviously a ramen bowl isn’t enough for dinner.

The place we went was on the other side of the station and again very small and cozy. Very nice staff, homemade drinks including apple highball, great quality meat skewers and quite a large choice compared to the square meters.

We enjoyed our classic yakitori along some surprising grilled ray, chicken cartilage and god knows what else. We all survived the night despite the quantity of food consumed and kept a warm memory during this fresh night with awesome food and good laughs.

Thanks for reading and keep it up!


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