Brian MacDuckston: the Ramen Adventurer

After being burned out of computer works in the United States back in 2006, Brian MacDuckston set off on an adventure that forever changed his life. Because he hated his job, he decided to quit and moved to Japan. One could say that he’s straight-out in love with the delicious world of ramen or perhaps infatuated with the idea that a big bowl of ramen can cure a broken heart. Either way, this guy is everyone’s go-to person when it comes to everything ramen.

He started off his career posting things about his life in Japan in his blog, a day-to-day journal which captures most of the things he finds interesting in his new home. Then one day, when he finished that big bowl of ramen in one of the ramen shops in Ikebukuro, he knew he had to post it and spread the word about how good it was. When the crowd responded with such positivity, he kept going. His pursuit of looking for the best ramen shops (and best ramen, too) in town for people to know became his main goal. He never looked back since then. He believes that ramen is one of the best hangover prevention foods and is uniquely evolving throughout the years. He met with other food bloggers that became friends along the way and collaborated with them.

Although familiar and basically smitten with ramen, Brian believes that he’s still learning more about ramen and beauty behind it. Aside from his hunt for the best ramen, he also reviews ramen shops, wrote a book about everything ramen (talk about real dedication), and spent his time teaching and writing. Adventurous, dedicated, and hungry most of the time for ramen, Brian will never stop the chase for the real thing.

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