Miyuki Suyari spent her childhood days in the US where she discovered her love for cooking. At the age of 9, she baked her first Betty Crocker cake mix for St. Patrick’s Day and when she was 12, cooked a full course dinner for her family. After 7 years in the US, her family returned to Japan where she continued cooking and baking as a hobby.

Her job as a Sales and Marketing manager for Sony allowed her to travel to 40 countries where she tried out different Japanese restaurants all over the world. She then realized that people living abroad have yet to experience the authentic Japanese cooking. This led her to her passion for teaching foreigners about the real flavors and traditional preparation of Japanese cuisine. She lived in the UK with her husband for some time and started teaching her neighbors. When she came back to Japan, she started her home-based cooking class catering to foreigners.


  • Speaks English very well as she lived in the US and UK
  • Certified Food Sanitation Supervisor by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health
  • Certified Tofu Meister by the National Tofu Association
  • Certified Grade 3 Decoration Sushi Instructor by the Japan Sushi Instructors Association
  • Certified Grade 3 Dashi  Sommelier   by the Dashi Sommeler Association
  • Featured different media such as NHK Educational Channel, foreign blogs, Rokto Weekender Magazine
  • Recipes provided for the Metropolis, Japan Today, and Chopsticks NY


Located in Tokyo, within walking distance from Meguro and Gotanda Stations via JR Yamanote Line

Nearby attractions to her place:

Miyuki’s cooking class is located near Meguro River, a popular area for sakura (cherry blossom) during Spring. Also in close proximity is Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and Ryusenji Temple.

Just a few stops away via Yamanote line, you can reach Ebisu and Shibuya station. Ebisu is popular for rows of izakaya (Japanese gastropub) where Japanese salary men socialize and unwind after work. There is a great local feel in this area but izakayas rarely have English menu. On the other hand, Shibuya is a must-see tourist area with Hachiko shrine and the popular Shibuya “scramble” or crossing. It is great for dining, shopping and exploring Japanese department stores.

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