Yoshimi is born and raised in an average Japanese home. With her curiosity, she started cooking for the family at 12 years old. From that time, she knew that cooking was her passion and continued for almost 30 years now.

When she travels abroad, she makes sure to stop by the local grocery store to get to know local food culture through their ingredients. She keeps her keenness in finding out what the local households prepare and eat daily.

Yoshimi’s love for cooking is equally shared with her love for food while dining and chatting with different people. She hopes to share the joy in cooking Japanese food by welcoming tourists to her home-based cooking class.


Located in Tokyo, within 3 minutes walking distance from Asakusa station. Here she will meet you at the Kaminarimon Police Box near Exit 1 of Ginza line or Exit 4 of Asakusa line.

Nearby attractions to her place:

Yoshimi’s class is located in the heart of Asakusa, one of the most traditional towns in Tokyo. It is famous for the oldest temple in Tokyo, Senso-ji. As you head to the temple, you wouldn’t miss Nakamise-dori (shopping street) where you will find various Japanese souvenirs and snacks.

If you like walking around, Tokyo Sky Tree, Kappabashi Kitchen Town, and Ueno are a few blocks away. Also, Ginza the famous high-end shopping area and Akihabara the popular manga and anime stop are just a few stations away from Asakusa via Tokyo Metro.

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