Cooking Classes in Tokyo: Cook Like a Local

Tokyo lives up to its name as the capital of the land of the rising sun with its tall skyscrapers, high fashion districts, and historical shrines and temples. Tourists from different parts of the world come to Tokyo exploring the beautiful sights and landscapes, getting a taste of that Asian flavor you will only experience here.

Even with its growing and changing technology and futuristic approach to the world, some things remain the same and that is the way how Japanese people take care of their traditional ways of preparing food. Food in Tokyo is unique and diverse. There is the ever-popular ramen, hailed as the greatest Japanese invention with its savory, hot broth and thick noodles; the delectable sushi, freshly made right before your eyes and bursting with flavor in every bite; the traditional sake enjoyed by many working-class heroes of Japan with its authentic taste, full yet delicate and paired with yakitori; and cute obento lunch boxes found in convenience stores and can be made easily at home. Tokyo is heaven for foodies who like trying traditional and innovative dishes and what better way to enjoy and discover a different side of Tokyo is by joining a cooking class?

Nowadays, with its growing popularity among food enthusiasts who want to learn more about Japanese cuisines and its history, cooking classes in Tokyo have been made to cater to those who want to experience what it’s like to prepare an authentic Japanese dish or two. It is also a great way to immerse yourself into the local culture, dig into its historical past, and discover old and new things about their food. It’s true that food is found everywhere and can be bought in restaurants and convenience stores but how about learning how to make those dishes? Food is unmistakably a bridge connecting people to its culture and by joining a cooking class in Tokyo can spice up your journey. Whether it’s learning how to roll an onigiri or to make your own delicious bowl of ramen from scratch, there’s always something in the way about how Japanese people prepare their food delicately and with so much care.

Already intrigued in joining a cooking class? Well, here are some of the reasons why joining a cooking class in Tokyo will make your journey an unforgettable one:

  1. You will learn about the culture. Japan is all kinds of different things but its culture is closely linked to its food. It is an expression and it makes you appreciate more about their food. Most cooking classes in Tokyo include a trip to the local market where you will learn how to pick up the freshest ingredients and get tips from the local. And every time you leave a cooking class, there is this great sense of appreciation and understanding of Japan’s cuisine.
  2. You meet people, locals, and travelers. Food will always the one that will link us and by joining a cooking class, you meet other people who share the interests with you. You get to share your opinions, experiences, and insights. It’s the perfect opportunity to build bonds with people and in return, you also learn new things from them. You might even be friends with them by the end of the class!
  3. You gain and learn practical tips. Every cooking class is a different one and with this, you soak up the knowledge of learning practical tips that no one else knows. You get to know different tricks on preparation and even learn how to get a good bargain when you buy your ingredients in the market. Be sure to write those tips down and you’re good to go.
  4. There’s always plenty of food. Eating will always be the best part right after you’ve finished cooking and because you’re the one who prepared it, there’s always a sense of pride of presenting it to others. You get to eat delicious foods prepared by you and others too. Make sure you come on in with an empty stomach because you’ll eat everything!
  5. You get to keep a great souvenir when you come home. By joining a cooking class and learning all about it, you get to keep the recipes given to you. Why not turn those creative juices you’ve learned and make great dishes at home or when you’re traveling to other countries? It’s the perfect gift coming home, making and presenting it to your loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Join a cooking class in Tokyo, learn about Japan’s diverse culture and eat your way out to some of the best dishes found only in Japan.


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