Daikanyama area
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The “Brooklyn of Japan”, Daikanyama, a culturally diverse hub and tree-lined streets perfect for strolling on a lazy afternoon, is a staunch advocate of small fashion boutiques and quaint bookstores that attracts both modern-day Japanese or tourists looking for a more familiar feel in a different geographic scene. The area is condensed with cafes and restaurants to cater to different tastes both healthy and simply sinful yet exquisitely sumptuous in its own right. Let us explore the diverse picturesque food stops nestled at Daikanyama.

Coffee, tea and other Japanese treats are indeed at its finest at SOSO. The cafe’s interior is a crossover between modern and intimate Japanese design. SOSO’s menu showcases Japanese sweets, green tea, and coffee. The shop also serves an Otenmae Set, which is similar to a simple tea ceremony. It also serves lunch set meals, noodles, a la carte Japanese meals and desserts with prices ranging from ¥350 to ¥2730.

Soso daikanyama in Tokyo
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Meanwhile, for those who love coffee on-the-go, The Coffeeshop is the best place to grab your quick caffeine fix. This coffee place has literally no place to sit it but can whip up a mean cup of coffee. For those who enjoy chocolate on their latte, Deep Chocolate Latte is the cup of joe you might want to grab at Hiki Café.

Deep Chocolate Latte in Hiki Cafe in Daikanyama
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For those would like to have a tummy-filling meal after visiting the boutiques and bookstores in Daikanyama, Manin is the place to be for a bowl of ramen. The place serves half-and-half ramen or combining soba and udon in your bowl for ¥950. Looking for a modern twist to your traditional Japanese food? Gin is the perfect spot for you, offering a wide array of sake and Japanese food in a foreigner-friendly restaurant since its owner-chef Taisho speaks English and ensures that its guests are all comfortable. For Halal-certified food and serving Kobe Beef and black Japanese beef, Teppanyaki Kishin in Daikanyama is a must-visit steakhouse. The steaks are perfectly grilled and best paired with wine. Crispy and juicy pork cutlets or tonkotsu is the specialty of Tonkatsu Ponta while pork stew and rice served in a clay pot is a sight (and taste) to behold at Isshin. For as cheap as ¥1000, you’ll get a taste of their delicious rice meals served with a bowl of miso soup, pickles, and 2 side dishes. Sushi, sashimi, and the freshest seafood is the top of the menu at XEX Daikanyama, with meals as cheap as ¥1000. Besides, XEX also offers refillable rice and complimentary drinks. Other Japanese restaurants that must be tried and serving real-tasting Japanese food in Daikanyama are Ornooden, Yonehana, and Yakiniku Kaneko.

Teppanyaki Kishin in Daikanyama
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Lastly, take a break from all the shopping and sightseeing for some craft beers at Spring Valley Brewery, a microbrewery owned by Kirin Beer. The pub features six brews 496, Jazzberry, On the Cloud, Copeland, Daydream, and Afterdark. Best to try their Beer Flight option, which allows you to try all six served in 120ml taster portions for only ¥1000.

Spring Valley Brewery in Daikanyama, Tokyo
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Daikanyama, a hodgepodge of culture and eclectic stores that will surely offer something to those varied tastes in fashion, books, music, and of course food. ‘Til our next foodventure!

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