Don’t Miss These Stunning Cafes in Daikanyama

Coffee is not just a drink, it also symbolizes an attitude of life: living slowly and savoring every moment. And there’s no better place for relaxing and unwinding than Daikanyama, considered the Brooklyn of Tokyo. Daikanyama is full of high-end fashion brands, bookstores, and pastries shops. The pace of life is slower in Daikanyama and people take time to experience every little thing. So, check out these stunning cafes in Daikanyama and find your bliss on a leisurely day off.

1. Perch by Woodberry Coffee Roasters

Barista from Perch by Woodberry Coffee Roastery is making Latte. Source: Tokyo by Food

Perch is a petite but extremely cute place to stop by when you need a cup of espresso. The staff at Woodberry Coffee Roasters are passionate about the following concepts: from seed to cup, artisan roast, and the taste experience. There are three Woodberry Coffee Roasters cafes in Tokyo, and the cafe in Daikanyama is the smallest one. While there is only one barista in the shop, the service is quick and high-quality. Their regular hot latte gives a smooth, velvety mouthfeel. The taste is mild and has a good balance between milky and bitter. Like the adorable space, the barista’s latte art will brighten your day. Different kinds of coffee beans are provided for you to take home as well.

Latte from Perch by Woodberry Coffee Roastery. Source: Tokyo by Food

Address: 3 Chome-7-1 Ebisuminami, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0022

Hours: Monday-Sunday 8AM-6PM


Inside of Monket Cafe D.K.YSource: Tokyo by Food

You might be confused about whether Monkey Cafe D.K.Y is a cafe or an art gallery because Monkey Gallery D.K.Y is located on the basement floor of Money Cafe in Daikanyama. The building itself is an art piece already, and all the art pieces that are displayed in the shop make this place feel even more like a gallery. The atmosphere is bright and calm. The interior decor is simple but makes a statement. Compared to other coffee shops in Daikanyama area, there are more male customers in Monkey Cafe.

Do you like unusual coffee desserts? Coffee Jelly is a must-try at Monkey Cafe. Whipped cream on the top balances the bitterness of the coffee jelly; it’s a dessert will fulfill your sweet stomach and also keep you awake.

Coffee jelly and decaf coffee from Monkey Coffee D.K.YSource: Tokyo by Food


Address: 12-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0033

Hours: Monday-Sunday 10AM-7PM

3. Cafe Michaelangelo 

Tiramisu and Coffee from Cafe Michelangelo.Source: Tokyo by Food

When you step into Cafe Michelangelo, it’s like you are entering another country: Italy. A huge tree shades the glass house with branches and leaves, and plants fill the room up. Cafe Michelangelo has an extensive drink menu from which you can choose anything from coffee to red wine. They also provide plenty of food choices, so it is also a good place to have lunch and dinner. However, my favorite is the tiramisu that they serve. The flavor is condensed and smooth, but not oily. The serving size is relatively big, but you will not have a problem finishing it by yourself because it is so delicious. If you want to observe people walking on the street, there is the option of outside seating.

Cafe Michaelangelo interior in DaikanyamaSource: Tokyo by Food

Address: 29-3 Sarugakucho, 渋谷区 Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0033

Hours: Sunday-Friday 11AM-11PM    Saturday 11AM-10:30PM

4. Chano-ma Daikanyama

Chano-ma Daikanyama interior salad and juiceSource: Tokyo by Food

Chano-ma is one of the chain cafes in Daikanyama, but it has a unique and family-friendly concept. You can choose to sit on a tatami mat or at a table, though most people choose to sit on the tatami. There is plenty of space for babies to crawl or for adults to lie down. You can enjoy free unlimited drinks and bread if you order a lunch set. There are a lot of choices from salad to pasta and because there is no time limitation, many people choose to sit there for the whole afternoon. The lunch sets are all around 1000 yen, which is very reasonable in Tokyo. If you are looking for a place to enjoy your whole afternoon, Chano-ma will be a good choice.

Address:〒150-0021 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Ebisunishi, 1 Chome−34−17 Za HOUSEビル2F

Hours: Monday-Sunday 10AM-9PM

5. Mocha Coffee

Source: Tokyo by Food

Do you know where coffee originated? While some say Ethiopia, the earliest documented report of drinking coffee was in Yemen in the 15th century. Now you can enjoy the pure flavor of Yemen coffee beans at Mocha Coffee in Tokyo. Yemen coffee is organic, hand-picked, and sun-dried, which imparts an earthy flavor. It is very hard to import coffee from Yemen because of the current civil war and the decreasing output, but the owner has connections with locals in Yemen which allows her to bring this flavor to Tokyo. I had a chance to sit down and chat with Maiko, the owner of Mocha Coffee. You can read more about her story in Mocha Coffee: The Lingering Charm From Yemen to Tokyo. And what’s more, the traditional Arabic sweets that are provided in the cafe are too good to be missed!

Address: 〒150-0033 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Sarugakucho, 25−1 エディ代官山 1F

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12PM-7PM



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