Food for Happiness

Enjoy incredibly delicious Japanese food with Tokyo by Food and help us make children in Cambodia happy!

Save Children

21,000 children die every day from poor nutrition, lack of clean water and disease (Global Issues)

Feed Children

148 million under 5s in developing regions are underweight for their age (UNICEF)

Educate Children

101 million children are not attending primary school, with more girls than boys missing out (UNICEF)

Children around the World need our help!

Source: The State of the World’s Children 2016, UNICEF

If we don’t take an action today, in 2030;

  • 167 million children will live in extreme poverty
  • 69 million children under age 5 will die between 2016 and 2030
  • 60 million children of primary school age will be out of school

Source: The State of the World’s Children 2016, UNICEF

What can you do?

  1. You can donate. There are many organizations fighting to save children. You can help these organizations to reach more children by donating money one time or monthly. Good examples of these organizations might be UNICEF and Feed the Children.
  2. You can volunteer. Well-known organizations have branches around the World. You can easily apply to become a volunteer and directly work to help children for a better life.
  3. You can speak out. You can create an awareness by using your network. You can talk to your friends or share on social media about the problems children face every day.
  4. You can book an event on Tokyo by Food!

What does Tokyo by Food do?

We believe all children deserve a better life. Since our platform is about food, we feel responsible for people who are hungry somewhere around the World especially children. Therefore we decided to partner with Aynsoupkitchen and started “Food for Happiness Project”. In this project, we are donating to feed 10 children in Cambodia during their lunch break for each person who participates a food event on Tokyo by Food platform.

1 Person ——> 10 happy children

2 Persons ——> 20 happy children

3 Persons ——> 30 happy children


We need your help to make more children happy!

food for happiness

About Our Partner Aynsoupkitchen

Aynsoupkitchen is located right opposite of Killing Fields, which is around 40 minutes outside the centre of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. There are totally 52 sheds and more than 300 inhabitants in the village. 1/3 of the population is the children. While some families have two children only, others have up to 12.

Aynsoupkitchen’s wholesaler brings ingredients early in the morning and  two local female helpers cook the food. The villagers bring their metal lunchboxes empty that Aynsoupkitchen gave them at the first days of the soup kitchen and the children come to pick them full at their school break and go back to their school after having lunch. This is the way it works ever since the beginning of the soup kitchen. 

In addition to the soup kitchen, they also improve the school and build houses in the village. 

Soup Kitchen

Making sure that children are having enough nutritions for their daily life.



Improving the school and providing a better educational environment


Building new houses and enhancing their life standards

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