From Texas to Shibuya Street Food Tour

The Shibuya Street Food Tour that I booked through Tokyo by Food was truly incredible. We met at the popular green bus meeting area next to the famous dog Hachiko. We began by learning about the unique foods each region produces. Our first stop was in Shibuya station and seeing the world famous crosswalk. We then walked through the streets and learned about everyday sights on the way to our first restaurant.

Shibuya: the first view we take in on the tour from the metro station!

The first food stop was a standing sushi bar and it was completely unlike any sushi you experience in Texas or the States. The tour teaches you proper manners and Japanese words to say when eating. You order each piece of sushi one at a time and they make it by hand right in front of you! The best orders by far are the ones where the chef uses the blowtorch to glaze the top of the sushi.

Standing sushi: my favorite was the salmon nigiri.

The second place was an okonomiyaki restaurant. There were two types of okonomiyaki as well as traditional Japanese mayonnaise which is light years ahead of any other. There we learned more traditions and had amazing food while everyone on the tour got to know each other. We listened to music and a few individuals, including myself, sang a song from their home country. From our first “kanpai!” to our last bite, everyone had a wonderful time at this stop.

Okonomiyaki: the one we tried with egg reminded me of an omelet.

The third restaurant was a Kobe beef place where we had some of the most tender steaks I have ever tasted (and being from Texas, a great steak is a big deal). As you can see from the picture, it was so appetizing that I couldn’t even wait to take a bite before I remembered to take a picture. Here, the meat is cooked over an open flame creating a semi-smokey, slight crisp outside of the most tender meat you could imagine.

Kobe beef: my first time having Kobe beef!

Fair warning: this last item is an octopus dish, but I highly recommend it!

The last destination was a takoyaki joint where you could watch the chefs prepare everything through a glass pane. The food was so hot but SO good. This was actually one of the foods I was looking forward to trying the most when coming to Japan. There were two options we got to try, original and one with the mayonnaise I mentioned before. I personally preferred the original, but both were extremely tasty.

Takoyaki: my second favorite food of the tour!

Overall, the sights, sounds, and smells made my experience unforgettable, and the people hosting really knew how to get you interacting with the city that surrounds you. I highly recommend this event to anyone looking for experiencing a lot in one day.

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