The melting pot of Japanese fashion brands and designers, style is the name synonymous with Gaienmae. It is frequented by models and photographers, armed with their gears and strutting down the streets while posing for the camera, a scene that is already a common view at Gaienmae. Hopefully, this Gaienmae food guide will help you through your journey of one of the most fashionable neighborhoods of Tokyo.

This fashion hub is also a foodie haven, with restaurants that may intimidate you with its stylish and modern interiors and architecture but still stick to the true and traditional Japanese cuisine experience. Let us explore the eats and treats in this trendy arena.

Cooking food in open hearths, that’s the experience that Tadenoha provides its diners. The rustic interiors of this restaurant offer dishes laden with seasonal ingredients from the Kumamoto Prefecture where the chef hails. Ayu, a river fish is the main star of the menu, which is usually grilled and paired with appetizers ranging from seasonal vegetables and mushrooms. Also served in the restaurant are other ingredients not commonly found in Japanese menus such as duck liver and duck meat.

Ayu: River fish dish

Let not the modern and jazz-filled music of Yakitori Imai intimidate you. This restaurant offers yakitori gourmet style served by waiters clad in black in an open kitchen dining area. Meanwhile, for those who love a tofu and yuba, Ume no Hana is the place to visit. Another popular yakitori and tofu place best paired with their sake offerings is Touan, with daily specials worth trying. Tama, a modern-day izakaya, offers an array of dishes like spicy stewed beef cheeks, tempura, and the house specialty ishiyaki ojiya. For those who like tempura, Motoyoshi serves delicious deep-fried shrimps and vegetables that are battered and deep-fried to perfection. Another izakaya place that serves a variety of grilled seafood and vegetables plus an extensive menu of salt, is the name of the game in Galali.

Bowl of meat, tofu, mushrooms, and other vegetables

Coffee lovers unite at Architect Café, which true to its name, serves coffee and has a variety of architectural books and magazines that one can read. Meanwhile, another themed café is Sign. Enjoy listening to your favorite tracks in the café’s music listening corners while enjoying your coffee and food. If you are looking for some chic place to hang out after work, Office offers cool sounds and a night view of the district in the comforts of a bar that looks like, well, as the name implies, an office space. PRBAR is also a perfect hangout for those who want a drink and enjoy cocktails and craft beers. Meanwhile, if you prefer drinking at home, Shinkawaya sells a various selection of sochu and sake, which is also available for tasting before taking one home.

Internal of PRBAR: Red leather chairs and wood tables.

Gaienmae, a place that exudes trend and a home to Japan’s fashion icons. It is a place where restaurants, bars, and café’s also come parallel with the vibe of Gaienmae—designed with modern interiors and architecture, and with a menu that offers Japanese traditional food fares with a twist or in an upscale version. Come and visit the area to get a fashion-forward food fare. ‘Til our next foodventure.

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