Going Solo: Eat, Explore, and Fall in Love with Tokyo Food Tours

Travelling, especially if you’re alone, can be tough. Sure, it can be fun at times especially if you’re discovering these experiences like a newborn and meeting temporary people whom you will remember forever. But you will also feel lost and we’re not just talking about physically but also emotionally.

Researching about certain places can be done with the touch of your fingertip and navigating your way to different directions is just as easy by just Googling them. But you’re going to be homesick to your hometown and the people in it. The warmth of your own bed, the laughter of your father, the smile of your mother, even the noisy neighbor next door always blasting loud music before 9 a.m. Language can also be a challenge, having sometimes move your arms and hands just to ask the street vendor where’s the nearest restroom or convenience store. A few days in the location won’t suffice and you might not always enjoy the idea of “soul searching” on your own because you’re basically physically lost. But that’s where a tour can be helpful, specifically a food tour.

We all know that whether you’re on the other side of the world, food is always going to be the common denominator of people. And in Japan, food is everywhere. There’s always a nearby convenience store that sells cute obento boxes that is both delicious and affordable. At night, when the city is wide awake, the streets are lively with colorful lights and streets after streets selling sweet dango, cheap but authentic sushi, and yakitoris that are an absolute feast for the eyes. Sure, you can discover them on your own but it will probably take you longer than it should and may not always result in an amazing food experience. And what better way to cut through the hassle is by joining a food tour. Experience the different flavors and taste of Japan by going to the ones who really know it by heart: the local guides. They speak the country’s language, will guide you through the most off-the-beaten paths of the city, tell you all about the history and culture of the places you will visit, and by the end of the tour, you already got yourself a friend.

Here are some of the reasons why joining a Tokyo food tour will be the best decision you will ever make:

  1. You meet other people. In a food tour, there’s always a chance of meeting new people whom you can share your ideas, opinions, and observations. After all, food is the common denominator of everyone and who knows, you might even become friends by the end of the tour too!
  2. You learn about the place. Japan has always been a diverse country and there’s always a festivity happening or street performances by artists. With your local guide, you will learn all about the country’s history and culture while munching delicious delicacies.
  3. Eat delicious, one of a kind foods. Most Tokyo food tours will leave you tasting five to seven of the best local dishes in town, all of which are equally delectable and unforgettable.
  4. Food tours require low commitment. But they will gladly give you high satisfaction! Most Tokyo food tours are only for two to three hours but those will be the best few hours of your life after tasting the best dishes in town. It’s also to make up time for other tourists’ who have other agendas after the food tour.
  5. Always delightful every time you join. Of course, not all food tours are the same and every time you join one, you get to experience and taste different food and feelings while you explore the busy streets of Japan. Food will always be the best experience because you’re not just tasting the food but also the rich culture Japan has to bring.

Tokyo food tours are amazing! Book one now and enjoy a remarkable experience that you will never forget.


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