Halal Restaurants in Tokyo: A Diversity on Food and Culture

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Delicious and healthy – two words that perfectly describe Japanese cuisine. Not only do Japanese people give their best efforts in preparing and making these dishes but one can see the level of commitment they give so that everyone who walks in and out of the house or restaurant leaves with a happy tummy and a smile on their faces. That’s why sometimes it’s quite a waste when people don’t fully enjoy their meals because of food restrictions and special dietary needs. But this is a problem of the past because the great news is, there are more and more restaurants sprouting and opening that cater to those people. One of them is the rising popularity of Halal restaurants in Tokyo. But what’s Halal food and how is it different from other international cuisines?

Halal literally means “permitted” in Arabic, meaning that Halal food is a type of food approved of the Muslim faith to eat or to drink. For these foods to be certified, they shouldn’t include alcohol, blood, meat or any products that came from “prohibited” animals which include birds, pigs, or any other animals that are slaughtered without undergoing the correct manner of approval in the name of Allah. Everyone must strictly follow the aforementioned rules or the products may not be available in stores and restaurants. Most restaurants, both local and international, use specially processed meats which are all Halal certified. There are more than a hundred Halal restaurants in Tokyo and one can only predict that they will grow more. Now, you can find Halal certified food being served in the form of sushi, yakiniku, ramen, and even shabu-shabu! The possibilities are endless and because Halal restaurants in Tokyo are spreading like wildfire, one can walk down the other end of the street and can easily find a Halal restaurant suited for his or her taste buds.

Best Halal Restaurants in Tokyo

Because of its growing popularity, Halal restaurants in Tokyo are almost everywhere and what’s nice about this is that there are a lot of options to choose from. Whether you’re craving for some ramen, sushi or shabu-shabu, they got you covered. So, where to go when you want to eat Halal food? Curated below are five Halal-friendly restaurants where you can bring your family and friends and share delicious food and great memories.

manekineko halal restaurant
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Tasty and delicious food plus karaoke? Manekineko (3-1 Samoncho, Shinjuku-ku) is the place to be. A minute away from JR Yotsuya station, this restaurant offers dishes ranging from French fries, yakisoba, and everyone’s favorite, fried chicken – all of which are Halal certified. The most popular dish on the menu is their ramen which you can have the broth customized whether you like it with salt, shoyu (soy sauce) or miso. In here, you can belt out and sing your favorite songs while having a feast of their scrumptious food. The restaurant also has a prayer room where you can go after.

sumiyakiya halal restaurant
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Six minutes away from Roppongi station, Sumiyakiya (3-2-16, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku) is the perfect place to take your family and friends to indulge in traditional Japanese dishes. They offer yakiniku using high-quality meat and if that doesn’t convince you yet, a former prime minister of Malaysia dined here and loved it. Everything is prepared accordingly and all types of meat are Halal certified so you know that you’re in good hands with the Sumiyakiya chefs. They also offer a wide variety of Japanese dishes and alcohol is served upon request.

hanasakajisan halal restaurant
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If shabu-shabu is your thing, Hanasakaji-san (B1 3-22 Sakura Building, Sakuragaoka, Shibuya-ku) will leave you wanting for more. It’s known to be the most popular Halal certified restaurant in Tokyo and has over a hundred customers flocking in, both locals and tourists. They only use Halal Miyazaki beef for their shabu-shabu and you’re assured that every penny spent is worth it. The combination of Halal ingredients with the comfort of authentic Japanese food is a winner. In here, you get both worlds and enjoy the diversity of flavors and cultures.

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Gyumon (14-14-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to) has been serving authentic and delicious Halal dishes since 2011. The chefs here are Muslims so you know you’re in good hands. Though the restaurant is popular with Japanese people, most of its customers are Muslims. You can enjoy your Halal certified meat here and have a good time eating it. They also have three barbeque sets which use Halal-only grills. Their drinks are also Halal certified and are sold in flat fee.

asakusa sushi ken halal restaurant
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Known as the first Halal sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Asakusa Sushi-ken (2-11-4, Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo) has been making delicious sushi dishes using high-quality Halal ingredients. When you think of Japan, the first thing that always comes to mind is sushi but not all people get to eat it because of food restrictions. But here in Asakusa Sushi-ken, you get to enjoy the diversity of food without having second thoughts because you know that everything is prepared accordingly and are all safe. The restaurant is determined to serve authentic sushi dishes to Muslims visitors and give them a satisfying service.

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