If you wish to experience geisha entertainment, teahouses, and high-class Japanese restaurants, Kagurazaka — a fashion and entertainment area — is the must-visit district. Aside from the cafés lined along the streets, Kagurazaka is also famous for its Awa Odori festival every July, which comprises of music and dancing. It is also known to be the French region as the area is a home to two French schools, hence the presence of French restaurants is also prominent in the area.

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Let’s explore more of this entertainment hub and look into the Kagurazaka’s food options for visitors to the region.

If you are looking for Japanese seafood dishes with a Mediterranean twist served to the tune of alternative rock, Chichukai Uomaru should definitely be on top of the list. It boasts of the freshest catch of the ocean and is prepared right in front of your eyes.

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Meanwhile, Kagurazaka is also celebrated for its wide array of ryotei. One restaurant famed for its refined dining experiences is Torijaya, which serves oyakodon made from free-range chicken and antibiotic-free eggs. Michelin-star restaurant Kyourakutei’s claim to fame is its soba and udon dishes. For those who prefer ramen, Tanaka-ya and its renown Chuuka Soba comes highly recommended by ramen lovers. To order in this ramen place, simply use the vending machine in front of the store before entering the shop.

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At Ebihara, be surprised as no menu is available but you will be treated to three chef selection meals which change every season depending on the availability of seasonal ingredients. Each dish is artistically presented in mini-dishes to delight even those who are new to the kaiseki experience. Fine sashimi, ajitsumire fish balls, and seafood are the star of the 16-seater oden restaurant Esaki.

Taste a bit of Japan’s regional cuisines at Rito Kitchen, which boasts of 50 different dishes and products from Japan’s islands. The atmosphere of the restaurant will remind you of being on a remote island, encompassing the English translation of the kitchen’s name. The restaurant offers an “Island Tour Lunch Set” which changes monthly and is best paired with local drinks such as beer and sake.

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If you want to shop some garden-fresh produce, then head on to Suika for some organically grown seasonal vegetables of Japan.

For those who have a sweet tooth, Kinozen, which has been operating since 1948, is famous for its signature dish: Green Tea Bavarian Cream. Aside from its dessert, Kinozen is also well-known for its kamameshi. Every winter, the restaurant serves chestnut zenzai while every spring it offers strawberry anmitsu. Another prominent dessert place in Kagurazaka is Saryo, which offers not only desserts but also various healthy dishes. Wagashi, anyone? Baikatei has been serving organic and additive-free wagashi since 1935. Fluffy pancakes packed with custard is the must-try in Fujiya, with its celebrated characters Peko-chan and Poko-chain.

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Kagurazaka food district is indeed a face of refined dining experience and entertainment. The area’s places will not only entertain and satisfy your hunger, but it will also treat your eyes with the various sights that showcase the history and Japanese-French fusion. ‘Til our next foodventure.

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