Tokyo’s gate of fog, Kasumigaseki is more popularly known as Tokyo’s seat of government offices for Japan’s cabinet ministery, hence, security is quite stringent in the area. It also houses the Kasumigaseki Tower, which was touted as the tallest building in Japan when it is opened in 1968. Some notable places in the area include various ministry offices, the National Police Agency, Japan’s Board of Audit, and Tokyo Courts.

One may end up famished upon touring various ministry buildings in Kasumigaseki, but do not fret for the area boasts of various food places that can refuel you to your next journey. Find out here, where to eat in Kasumigaseki.

For those who have a big hunger to resolve, head on to Teketeke Toranomon, a restaurant which offers big meal sets at ¥4,500. The restaurant offers munchy skewers such as edamame, quail, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes among others. Aside from skewered delights, the store also serves a wide array of drinks. Pay an additional sum and you can enjoy unlimited drinks from beers to liquors. Also, a must visit food place is Satodorisankei serving group set meals at an affordable price.


Another highly recommended izakaya and kaiseki is Shunju Tsugihagi Hibiya whose interiors are a sight to behold. It showcases a wine cellar. One item that surely pops in the menu is the turtle hot pot. If udon is your thing, then Sato-Yoske Hibiya is the place to visit. It boasts of handcrafted and freshly made noodles. For those who like cheap rice bowl meals, Kokono Kasumigaseki Common Gate is your top bet. The place serves rice bowl and noodle meals for as cheap as ¥850. For on the go snacks, head on to Himaya and Gyoza no Manshu Kasumigaseki. For some affordable udon, Marugame Seimen will definitely satisfy your craving. For yummy rice balls or onigiri, visit Omusubi Gonbei. Your cup of joe cravings will be truly satisfied at Doutor Coffee Shop.


Kasumigaseki, though a government zone, is also a junction where great food places also thrive. Until our next foodventure, discover where to eat in Kasumigaseki without disappointment.

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