Laughter and Learning: Healthy Brown Rice Sushi Making Class

I was a part of a group in the Healthy Brown Rice Sushi Making Class. We were learning how to make healthy sushi using brown rice instead of white rice. There a lot of health benefits to switching to brown rice. I also feel that by learning to make my own sushi, my lunches will inherently be better because I will have more control over what goes into my food. I will be able to ensure on fresh and healthy ingredients are used.

Healthy Sushi Making Class

Our instructors were twin sisters that have worked in several different sushi restaurants around the world. We learned that it is not common for a woman to be a sushi chef; traditionally it was a man’s position. It was interesting to learn that female sushi chefs are still uncommon in the modern day. Regardless, our instructors were kind and took their time in teaching us all about sushi.

Sushi rolling in Tokyo

We started with a brief presentation on the history of sushi and how sushi rice is made; we then moved onto cutting our own sashimi. We learned about the proper knife technique and took turns having a go at cutting our own sashimi. It was an experience that was full of laughter and a little bit of banter towards one another. We all marvelled at how quickly and precisely our instructors cut the sashimi after we did. Our cuts, while not horrible, definitely left something to be admired.


Healthy Sushi Making Class

After we finished cutting our sashimi, we learned how to make sushi rolls. The rice was sticky and there was a lot of laughter when a much larger bowl of water had to be brought out so we could rinse our hands off. With the help of our instructors, we managed to successfully roll the sushi, only for it to later fall apart because of our cutting abilities. We made traditional maki sushi rolls as well as inside-out rolls.

Healthy Sushi Making Class

After this, we learned how to make Temari sushi. Temari sushi is highly decorative and perfect for sushi making parties. We chatted and laughed as we went about making our little decorative sushi balls. Once we were done we sat down to eat! There were a few soy sauce incidents, but all in all, we enjoyed our sushi-filled afternoon.

Healthy Sushi Making Class

Before leaving we were presented with a certificate of our participation and a photo with the sushi we had made. The class was light-hearted and wonderfully informative. I enjoyed every moment I spent learning how to make healthy brown rice sushi. Hopefully, my lunches will be a little bit more interesting and fresh now.

Healthy Sushi Making Class in Tokyo

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