Handmade Soba Noodles Cooking Class

Discover the health benefits of buckwheat noodles in this soba making class, where you can experience the process of making soba noodles from scratch.

Soba noodles are a simple yet diverse type of buckwheat noodle that can be served either chilled with dipping sauce or hot in a soup. Soba are served in a variety of places throughout Japan, from affordable hole-in-the-wall eateries to classy specialty restaurants. They can be found anywhere and are used to complement many different types of dishes, eaten not only as a main dish. For example, soba noodles work really well as a foundation for stir-fries and salads, but then are fresh and delicious served with soy sauce and wasabi. The noodles are made from buckwheat flour which has many health benefits, as buckwheat promotes heart health and is also rich in fibre and protein. Simple yet healthy and tasty, soba is a big part of the Japanese diet. 

This warm, friendly class is perfect for small groups of people who want to learn how to make healthy soba noodles. Held in a home cooking studio in a private residence, you’ll be offered a warm and comforting cup of green tea while you watch and learn how to make soba buckwheat noodles from scratch. It’s a healthy ingredient that you may have overlooked the importance of learning to make, but you’ll quickly discover that the process of making soba noodles is both fun and relaxing. Using traditional tools, you’ll be guided how to mix, roll, cut, and prepare soba and then eat them with delicious condiments for that authentic soba taste!

This soba noodles cooking class offers the perfect setting for learning how to make your diet even healthier by allowing you to learn with a friendly, healthy cooking instructor in a small group. By learning how to hand make soba noodles, you’ll be learning to appreciate the simplicity of a key ingredient in many Japanese dishes. Create lifelong memories in this class while you learn new noodle-making skills which you can take home with you in a booklet of recipes. Engage your senses while honing your concentration as you continue your learning and experimenting at home after this healthy Handmade Soba Noodles Making Class!


Highlights of the Handmade Soba Noodles Cooking Class:

  • Be welcomed to into a beautiful home cooking studio with tea
  • Learn about the health benefits of soba buckwheat noodles with a mini introduction to healthy cooking
  • Make your own handmade soba from scratch
  • Enjoy the meal with the class in a beautiful plating and table arrangement
  • Sip on a complimentary cup of sake as you slurp down your handmade buckwheat noodle creations!
  • This class has a kind and welcoming environment taught in English so it’s a great family-friendly experience 


  • A 2-hour soba buckwheat noodle making class held in a local Japanese home
  • A mini introduction to healthy cooking and the health benefits of soba noodles
  • Learn how to make soba noodles from scratch
  • Ingredients, cooking utensils, tools, and aprons provided for making soba noodles
  • Eat your buckwheat noodle creations and complementary side dishes at a beautiful table setting with the class
  • A booklet of recipes and factsheets to take home with you
  • Complimentary tea, coffee, and sake


  • Transportation fee to and from the event location

Group Size:

A maximum of 5 participants. If you are a single traveler, please contact us.

Experience Location:

Shin-Koenji: Only a short walk directly south from the retro streets of Koenji, Shin-Koenji is a pleasant residential area on the western side of Tokyo. Serviced by the Marunouchi Subway Line, Shin-Koenji is a kind of satellite neighborhood that benefits from having easy access to Koenji’s cool bars and vintage stores, but has its own low-key feel of quiet winding streets dotted with parks and beautiful Japanese homes. Families shop at the major supermarkets in the area, with the gorgeous food from the local Queen’s Isetan supermarket (owned by the department store giant, Isetan) matched by some local retailers and humble restaurants around Shin-Koenji Station.

Meeting Time and Meeting Location:

The meeting point will be at the Seven-Eleven outside of Shin-Koenji Station.

Located in western Tokyo, this Handmade Soba Noodle Cooking Class is held in a private residence. It’s a 7-minute walk from Shin-Koenji Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. Travel time takes approximately 10 minutes from Shinjuku Station to Shin-Koenji Station.

A detailed map will be provided after signing up for the class.

Additional Information:

  • Please be reminded to come to the cooking class meeting point on time
  • Upon booking, you can expect a confirmation within 24 hours. Once confirmed, present your booking information at the event place
  • Children under 6 years of age will not be charged for this experience

Read about Lucy’s experience making soba noodles in a Handmade Soba Noodle Cooking Class here!

1 review

  1. Pure buckwheat soba noodles

    The instructor was creative, patient, kind, accommodating and vey hospitable! As I am vegan and would prefer gluten free, she decided to make what I can eat—-100% buckwheat soba noodles. Though it was challenging, she made it with me. It was absolutely delicious and a great experience!

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One person attends a food event on Tokyo by Food, 10 children have their lunch in Cambodia. Learn more about Food for Happiness Project

Handmade Soba Noodles Cooking Class

From: 6,500¥

One person attends a food event on Tokyo by Food, 10 children have their lunch in Cambodia. Learn more about Food for Happiness Project

Handmade Soba Noodles Cooking Class

From: 6,500¥

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