Intensive Japanese Home Cooking Class (5 Days)

In this one of a kind Japanese home cooking class in Tokyo, you will be taught the basic techniques and styles of Japanese home cooking in 5 different classes.

Japanese food is known for being simple yet complex, with flavors and textures that are sincere but still artistic. Japanese people take the utmost care when it comes to the preparation and making of their food. With every slice, roll, or garnish, they put their heart and soul into each aspect, always refined and considered in their method. The result is always beautiful food, whose dishes are texturally challenging but aesthetically pleasing, and of course, delicious every time! During this Intensive Japanese Home Cooking Class, you’ll have the opportunity to learn in-depth about Japanese food, discovering essential ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, tasting as you go. This class series is ideal for beginners who want to learn more about Japanese home cooking.

Using fresh ingredients, over 5 days of classes you’ll learn about Japanese home cooking as you make rice, soup, a main, two side dishes, and a different dessert each day. You’ll learn everything from ingredients to tools, to serving the dishes, everything you need to know about basic Japanese cooking for beginners. What’s unique about this Japanese home cooking class is that you get a glimpse of how Japanese people cook their food with such passion, something that you’ll surely bring home with you after your trip to Tokyo. Get your hands and tummies ready because this will be one of the best cooking classes you’ll ever attend, for its intensive information about Japanese cooking and being able to each your delicious food creations too!

Note: This is a 5-day intensive cooking course. The booking time you select will be for your first class. You can arrange your schedule with the instructor after the first class.

Highlights of an Intensive Japanese Home Cooking Class:

  • Learn all the basic techniques and styles of what makes Japanese cooking special over a course of 5 days
  • Explore different aspects of Japanese home cooking class in 5 x 2.5-hour sessions, with a different focus theme for each class
  • Learn how to use seasonings, special ingredients, and basic condiments for basic Japanese home cooking
  • Learn how to cook different Japanese home cooking style dishes, through tasting and hands-on making
  • Enjoy the creations you’ve made with complimentary soup, rice, dessert and a choice of coffee or tea for drink
  • Class times are flexible, you can decide the dates of the following classes with the cooking instructor at your first lesson


  • 5 x 2.5-hour Japanese Home Cooking Class
  • Japanese Home Cooking Class held in a typical Japanese residence
  • Knowledge about Japanese home cooking, essential ingredients, and cooking methods
  • Ingredients for making rice, soup, two side dishes, a main dish, and dessert*
  • Cooking utensils and tools provided
  • Complimentary coffee and green tea
  • Recipes in English

*There is no dessert included in the first class

Class Schedule

LESSON 1: An Introduction to Essential Japanese Condiments

What is bonito, kombu, and dashi? This class will teach you about using bonito and kombu dashi, essential Japanese ingredients used to develop an umami flavor in many Japanese dishes.


  • Bonito and kombu dashi (soup stock ingredients)
  • Rice miso soup
  • White Japanese rice
  • Tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelet with dashi)
  • Ohitashi (boiled greens in bonito-flavored soy sauce)
  • Nikujaga (a classic meat and potato stewed dish)

LESSON 2: Using the Almighty ‘Banno’ Sauce

What is banno? Find out what is banno sauce and what’s in it. This class will teach you how to make and use banno sauce, an essential flavor in Japanese home cooking.


  • Bonito and kombu dashi
  • Rice miso soup
  • Gobo (Japanese burdock root) and mushroom rice
  • Goma-ae (Japanese spinach salad with sesame)
  • Daikon (radish) salad
  • Teriyaki chicken or fish
  • Mitarashi dango (rice cake balls with a sweet-soy glaze)

LESSON 3: Tofu 101

Discover the wonders of tofu during this class, tasting and using different kinds of tofu to make a number of dishes. Tofu plays a huge part in the Japanese diet, an essential and versatile protein.


  • Shiitake dashi (dashi soup stock from shiitake mushrooms)
  • Barley miso soup
  • Salmon and cabbage rice
  • Vegetables in tofu sauce
  • Tofu pancakes
  • Agedashi tofu (deep-fried tofu)
  • Tofu pudding

LESSON 4: Miso Masterclass

Miso is another important element used in Japanese cuisine. Tasting different kinds of miso and learn about its uses and how it is made, making a number of tasty miso dishes.


  • Niboshi dashi (dashi soup stock from sardines)
  • Bean miso soup
  • Bamboo rice
  • Miso-glazed eggplant
  • Miso-marinated fish
  • Carrot salad with miso dressing
  • Miso pannacotta

LESSON 5: Japanese Home Cooking Recipes Upon Request

Please choose from the following or place a request!

Note: Additional charges may apply for some classes

  • Sushi (sushi roll and sushi ball)
  • Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake)
  • Gyoza (fried and boiled gyoza)
  • Nabe (hot pot)
  • Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets)
  • Noodles (udon noodles and somen noodles)


  • Transportation fees to and from the event

Group Size:

No minimum.

Experience Location:

Meguro: The inner south area of Meguro has a quaint local community that’s central enough, but not quite in the thick of chaotic city life. Meguro Station is conveniently located between Shibuya and Shinagawa on the JR Yamanote Line and is also intersected by the subway, making for a considerable transit hub to well-connect this residential area. Surrounded by a cluster of restaurants and bars which trickle down through Meguro Dori Street, cherry blossoms line the canal along Meguro River, a popular spot for hanami season in spring. Follow the river to the west and you’ll end up at the trendy bars and hipster cafes of Nakameguro, where the ward stretches as far as Yutenji and Tokyo’s little Europe in Jiyugaoka. Meguro is home to 500 Buddha statues in Daienji Temple, as well as the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, alongside the much more unusual Meguro Parasitological Museum.

Meeting Time and Meeting Location:

All classes are held in a private residence. It’s a 5-minute walk from Fudomae Station (via the Metro Mita Line or Nanboku Line) and a 10-minute walk from Meguro Station (JR Yamanote Line). The exact location and address of the residence will be given upon the confirmation of your attendance.

Additional Information:

  • Please be reminded to come to the class on time
  • This class can be scheduled at your convenience. After booking the first class, you can arrange subsequent lessons with your cooking instructor for a day and time that suits you (weekdays only)
  • As the house is not childproof, toddlers under the age of 4 are not allowed
  • This is a smoke-free residence. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated

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One person attends a food event on Tokyo by Food, 10 children have their lunch in Cambodia. Learn more about Food for Happiness Project

Intensive Japanese Home Cooking Class

From: 32,000¥

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One person attends a food event on Tokyo by Food, 10 children have their lunch in Cambodia. Learn more about Food for Happiness Project

Intensive Japanese Home Cooking Class

From: 32,000¥

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