Japanese Tea Tasting and Snack Pairing in Roppongi

Fall in love not only by its arresting beauty and unique taste but also to its health benefits in this Japanese tea tasting and snack pairing event.

Not only do you get to enjoy tasting different types of tea and eating exquisite snacks but you also get to learn all about the beauty of Japanese tea in Tokyo in this invigorating event. The activity starts with the organizers, Marina and Dmitry showing a comprehensive and special presentation which includes informative slides, facts, and pictures to show. In here, one will learn all about Japanese tea from its history to its variety and most importantly, its health benefits to people. While the presentation is on-going, sencha will be served two ways – hot and cold – to teach the guests how to determine the difference it makes with taste and smell with the temperature of water used. With the talks of various types of tea, the organizers will also explain the big difference between matcha and sencha.

The organizers believe that every person has a different taste palette and it’s best for them to look for the best tasting snack to pair with their best tasting tea. They encourage the guests to pair the served snacks with their tea on their own. With wild honey, dried fruits, nuts, and yokan (jelly-cake), the snacks have different flavors and textures and if the guests have any question, the organizers are happily ready to answer and help. Hoji tea, which is roasted green tea, will also be served along with the traditional oolong tea, which is a representative of black tea. This event is highly recommended for enthusiasts and to those who want to learn more about Japanese tea.

Highlights of Japanese Tea Tasting and Snack Pairing Event:

  • Learn all about Japanese tea: its history, its various types, and health benefits
  • Taste 6 kinds of organic Japanese teas from classic sencha to unusual oolongs (The selection of teas may vary from season to season)
  • Pair your tea with carefully selected seasonal snacks and Japanese sweets

Group Size:

No minimum required to book the event. Maximum of 6 people.

Event Location:

Literally means six trees in Japanese, Roppongi is well known for having a bustling nightlife and is usually packed with foreigners from all over the world. Pubs, restaurants, and clubs surround the place with vigor. Its neighboring districts – Hiroo, Azabu, and Akasaka – is home to many expat communities and embassies. Two of Tokyo’s largest development projects are also located here, which are Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown which forever changed the façade of old Roppongi and placed a much better appeal to its locals and tourists. They are cities within a city. Aside from its busy nights, Roppongi is very much alive during daytime and one can find many places to visit around the district with art museums such as The National Art Center, Mori Art Museum where you can find in Roppongi Hills, and Suntory Museum of Art found in Tokyo Midtown. There are also fashion boutiques, a movie theater, and various restaurants one can visit. Roppongi is an area one shouldn’t miss when visiting Tokyo.

Access to the event place:

Japanese tea tasting and snack pairing event is held at intwelv, bar with modern minimal Japanese design and cool atmosphere. The place is 10 minutes walk from Roppongi Station, Hibiya Line. The detailed location will be shared upon the reservation confirmation.

Notes from the Organizer:

  • Meeting point is at the event’s place
  • You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours. Once confirmed, present your booking information at the event place

3 reviews

  1. The best tea I have had in Tokyo

    The tea course was a great introduction to Japanese teas from some tea experts living in Tokyo. The location is super cool, in an interesting and well designed bar that is set up nicely for talking and sharing drinks. As we had our tea we were told the story of what we were drinking. I learned some history of tea in Japan as well as the current process of growing and preparing high quality Japanese tea. The course moves through several different types of Japanese teas from green to yellow and red, cold and hot.

    There is also a great pairing of snacks with the tea, including the best honey I have had in my life! It went really well with the red tea (in my opinion). For travelers visiting Japan this is probably the best way to experience Japanese tea that comes directly from Japanese tea farms and is not blended with imported teas. I have been living in Japan permanently for a while and I can say this is the best tea I have had here!

  2. Great Ambiance

    Everyone who wants to learn more about story of tea and taste extremely tasty, single origin, delicious teas; I would highly recommend this tea tasting event. The appetizers given with the tea were also very delicious. Ambient is also perfect for escaping the crowd and stress of the city.

    Dmitry and Marina has told us that they are always trying new methods to improve the taste of the tea and always select single origin teas by themselves which is very unique considering other regular places.

    In this tea tasting event, we were firstly given refreshing cold sencha when we first arrived. After that we have tried several other types of teas, while a short presentation of how tea is produced and different types of teas. I have learned many things from this event. I am looking forward to go there again! 🙂

  3. Very Informative Tea Tasting Event

    As a Japanese person, it was quite interesting for me to join a Japanese tea tasting event in Tokyo. I realized that I did not know many things about the Japanese tea. I really liked the presentation of Dmitry and Marina. We tasted delicious snack along with delicious Japanese teas. I also enjoyed the place as well. It was a cool sake bar located near Roppongi Hills. I will definitely suggest this event to my friends visiting Tokyo.

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One person attends a food event on Tokyo by Food, 10 children have their lunch in Cambodia. Learn more about Food for Happiness Project

Japanese Tea Tasting and Snack Pairing in Roppongi

From: 5,600¥

106-0032 Roppongi Tokyo
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One person attends a food event on Tokyo by Food, 10 children have their lunch in Cambodia. Learn more about Food for Happiness Project

Japanese Tea Tasting and Snack Pairing in Roppongi

From: 5,600¥

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