Morning Market: Tsukiji Fish Market Tour with Breakfast

Start the morning off right with this fun and delicious food tour in the famous Tsukiji Market!

Experience the fast-paced morning bustle and delicious street food of the Tsukiji Fish Market, previously home to the Tsukiji Fish Market auction, in this one of a kind Morning Market: Tsukiji Fish Market Tour with Breakfast. While the fish auction has relocated to Toyosu, the Tsukiji Market is still thriving, and the Tsukiji Fish Market tour is going strong with over 65 fish market vendors and some of the freshest seafood in Tokyo! This Tsukiji Fish Market tour will take you to the different stores and restaurants around the outer market, and show you the wondrous offerings of the sea.

Before you start eating your way through the market, get caffeinated at an artisan coffee shop and chat with the knowledgable tour guide. Then, you’ll be equipped with the energy to eat your way through all the Japanese delicacies and street foods, while learning insider tips about Japanese etiquette and culture. Then, enjoy a full Japanese-style seafood breakfast, with the freshest local ingredients. Bring some cash with you if you’d like to purchase some souvenirs, such as a Japanese-made cooking knife. At the end of the Tsukiji Fish Market tour, you’ll be able to try green tea and wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) while relaxing at a stunning Japanese garden.

Note: While the Tsukiji Fish Market has been closed since October 2018, and relocated to Toyosu, the Tsukiji Outer Market still offers the freshest seafood straight from Toyosu and the same scrumptious street food!

Highlights of the Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market Tour with Breakfast:

  • Walking tour of the over 65 fish market vendors in Tsukiji
  • Explore the variety of fresh and seasonal dishes with our knowledgable local guide
  • Marvel as a massive, whole tuna is prepped for sale
  • Try the freshest sashimi and most delicious seasonal dishes
  • Visit a shrine with a history of over 300 years!
  • Gain insight into Japanese food culture and etiquette
  • Learn about the background/history of the area with our local guide
  • Experience a full Japanese seafood breakfast with the tour group
  • Sip green tea with wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) at a Japanese garden


  • Meet at Turret Coffee Shop (Exit 2 of Tsukiji Station)
  • Sip artisanal coffee while you chat about the plan for the tour
  • Tour the Tsukiji Outer Market, tasting as you go
  • Breakfast at a local seafood restaurant
  • Green tea and wagashi experience at one of Japan’s stunning Imperial Gardens


  • A 3-hour food tour of Tsukiji Market
  • 10-12 different dishes at 4 food stops
  • One drink included
  • A full Japanese-style seafood breakfast
  • Tips about Japanese history, etiquette, and culture from an expert
  • Food (menu below)
  • Artisanal coffee
  • 10-12 local dishes from 4 food stops
  • Fresh sashimi
  • Full Japanese seafood breakfast
  • Japanese green tea
  • Wagashi (Japanese sweets)


  • Transportation to and from the event location

Group Size:

Minimum of two people required for booking. If you are a single traveler, please contact us.

Experience Location:

Tsukiji Fish Market: The early-morning hustle and bustle and the spectacle of whole fish being expertly carved right before your eyes, combined with the array of local delicacies you can’t find anywhere else, make Tsukiji Market a must-see in Tokyo. While the Tsukiji Fish Market’s auction was relocated to Toyosu in October 2018, many of Tsukiji Outer Market’s street vendors and restaurants remained. And since the seafood sold at Tsukiji Market is delivered directly from Toyosu Fish Market, Tsukiji Market is still one of the best places in Tokyo for fresh seafood. Additionally, Tsukiji Market has such a long and rich history in Japan, and some market shops and restaurants have been in business for over 100 years!

Meeting Location and Meeting Time:

The meeting point is Turret Coffee Shop (take Exit 2 of Tsukiji Station). The meeting time is 8:45 am. The event starts exactly at 9:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm.


Additional Information

  • The Tsukiji Fish Market Tour starts strictly on time. The tour will start even if guests arrive at or after the departure time, and no refund shall be given. This is to guarantee that there is enough time, so everyone can enjoy each food stop. Please be respectful of the other guests, our restaurant partners, and the tour guide’s time.
  • Please notify us in advance if there are any food restrictions or allergies (e.g gluten allergy, vegetarian, etc.).
  • Please be reminded to wear comfortable shoes because there will be a lot of walking.


2 reviews

  1. Asami-san was amazing

    We loved the our tour in Tsukiji market. Our tour guide Asami-san was very good. Although I have been to the market a few times before, it was my first time in the inner market. The coffee we had was so delicious and unique flavor. I recommend this tour to everyone.

  2. Extraordinary tour with Tristian

    I want to thank our guide Tristian for this amazing tour in Tsukiji fish market. I highly recommend this tour. I got great insights and experiences that I could not have
    had myself alone. Thank you so much.

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Monday-Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

One person attends a food event on Tokyo by Food, 10 children have their lunch in Cambodia. Learn more about Food for Happiness Project

Morning Market: Tsukiji Fish Market Tour with Breakfast

From: 14,650¥

Chuo 104-0045 Tsukiji Tokyo
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Monday-Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

One person attends a food event on Tokyo by Food, 10 children have their lunch in Cambodia. Learn more about Food for Happiness Project

Morning Market: Tsukiji Fish Market Tour with Breakfast

From: 14,650¥