Tokyo Ramen Tour with the Ramen Adventurer

A two hour food tour that lets you enjoy Japan’s most favorite meal, ramen!

Hailed as Japan’s greatest invention of all time, ramen isn’t just a bowl of noodles ready to be consumed. It’s a masterpiece of its own, placed beautifully in a bowl with its colorful ingredients and a broth so delicious and flavorful; some people claim it’s like going through a process of healing or being welcomed home. It’s a versatile dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some even have it for a midnight snack. Found not only in food stalls along crowded streets, ramen is popular too in high-end restaurants. Some restaurants also specialize only in serving great, authentic bowl of ramen to loyal patrons. And in this popular food tour, you’ll learn your way into the art of slurping your ramen while it’s hot.

In a span of two hours, we will visit two popular ramen shops. First stop, we will have something light but full of umami flavors that will burst into your mouth and let you taste that refined ramen with its unique and premium ingredients. Next stop, something heavy and fatty but packed with intense flavor that will surely hit the spot. Satisfying and deliciously prepared just for you, this food tour is great for those who want to have a taste of Japan’s exceptional dish that won’t be soon forgotten by its guest.

What is Included in the Price:

  • Two ramen
  • Transportation from your hotel

Pricing and Availability:

  • The cost for this tour is 20000 yen, plus 5000 yen per additional person. Great for big groups.
  • Available during lunch and dinner.

Event Location:

The event location varies depending on your choice. When you place an order, please add your desired location in the additional information part just before making the payment.

Warnings and Special Notes from the Organizer:

Please note that there is a cancellation fee of 10.000 Japanese Yen within 10 days.


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Everyday: Lunch or dinner

Tokyo Ramen Tour with the Ramen Adventurer

From: 20,000¥

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Everyday: Lunch or dinner

Tokyo Ramen Tour with the Ramen Adventurer

From: 20,000¥