Make Your Tokyo Trip Delicious

Without a doubt, the city of Tokyo is something you can’t miss out when traveling. It’s always a rollercoaster ride of great memories and experiences. With its diverse culture and openness, you can do a lot of things in the city and there’s always a place to visit and experiences to try. It’s known for its harmonious blending of old and new, where you will see tall skyscrapers next to an ancient temple or maybe a quiet park in the middle of a working-class place. There’s always the high-end shopping districts where you can find items so cheap, you want to hoard many of them or maybe splurge some to buy items you won’t find anywhere else.

Shinjuku at night, colorful with lights

But if it’s adventure you seek and you’ve got a big appetite for delectable dishes you’ve never seen (and taste) in your entire life, the city of Tokyo definitely won’t disappoint and won’t fall short when it comes to cheap thrills, lavish, and everything in between offerings. It’s an exciting city to visit where you will find great food that will go well with your ice cold beer or maybe a serving of mouth-watering desserts like crepes filled with whipped cream, chunks of cake, and cookies. Or maybe find comfort in a hot bowl of ramen paired with steamed or fried gyoza or maybe enjoy a cup of hot green tea served with delectable Japanese sweets. There’s always a dish fit for any time cravings and the awesome thing about Tokyo is that you can get these delicious dishes and snacks almost everywhere. First timers are always encouraged to try traditional Japanese cuisine first and the city has a lot of options to choose from ranging from the familiar sushi and ramen to tempura and Wagyu beef.

food options in tokyo

In Tokyo, there’s always a budget for everything. Enjoy a serving of takoyaki at a very reasonable price or maybe dine into one of the many Michelin restaurants in the city that serves the finest and most sumptuous traditional Japanese dishes in the country. From cheap thrills that won’t burn your pockets to lavish high-end restaurants that you will surely enjoy, Tokyo offers a pool of different places you can visit to feed that hunger in you. There’s always a hole-in-the-wall stall that serves delicious yakitori and fried tempura and a Michelin restaurant that serves beautiful and mouth-watering sushi dishes that are packed with flavor. Truly, Tokyo City is a place you must visit where you can find anything within your budget.

takoyaki street food

Of course, you can’t leave Tokyo without having a great night over drinks and skewers. Famous for its izakayas where working-class people take the night off enjoying a beer in hand over thoughtful conversations or maybe just to unwind, there’s always a unique experience when you go drinking in Tokyo. You meet different types of people in izakayas and in bars and you’re most likely to strike a conversation or two with the bartender over the counter. How about joining a tour or a tasting event that specializes in the beauty and bustling nightlife of Tokyo? Everything is lively and colorful when evening comes in the city and you can always spend the night getting yourself a serving of beer and just share great moments with your friends or maybe just fancy a cocktail drink by the bar while enjoying the night away. Where else will you find a city that offers a drink all you can bar where you can taste different types of alcoholic drinks all through the night? It’s engaging, exciting, and most of all, a unique experience to drink and dine in Tokyo.

Don’t know where to start? How about joining a food tour? A food tour is a great way to be educated everything about the city and learn about its history, culture, and of course, its food. Not only that but you also get to meet new people who share the same interests with you. In Tokyo by Food, we offer delicious food tours that will surely pique your interest. From a tour in the iconic and historical Tsukiji Fish Market to a one of kind and unforgettable pub crawl in Asakusa. Or maybe a street food hunt or a ramen and yakitori tour. Anything that fancies your interests about anything Japanese food, we’ve got you covered. In these tours, you visit some of the most famous places to dine and unwind from hole-in-the-wall restaurants and stalls to Michelin restaurants. You get to mingle with fellow tourists as well as with the locals and it’s a great way to be able to understand the culture and history behind every one of these dishes.

Asakusa Izakaya bar hopping

If cooking is your thing and you want to take home a recipe or two when you go back, how about booking a cooking class? Not only do you get to know about these delicious recipes but you also get to prepare, make and cook them. Do you like sushi but don’t know the proper way to roll your way to the nori? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to make the perfect cup of green tea but don’t know where to start? From making the best bowl of ramen from scratch to making handmade soba noodles like an expert, Tokyo by Food has these cooking classes for you. The best thing cooking classes are that you get to share the moments with new people and most of these classes are held in the chef’s home so the experience is real and intimate. It’s also a great way to learn new techniques when it comes to cooking that you can apply to other dishes.

soba class tokyo

Food has always been the common denominator and has become a bridge when it comes to meeting new people and in the city of the Tokyo, there’s always a great tasting event happening somewhere. A tasting event is a way of learning not just about the food of the city and how they are made but you also get to dig deeper into its history and how it became a large part to its people. From visiting a historical brewery and witnessing firsthand how sake is made to having the perfect cup of green tea paired with Japanese sweets, Tokyo by Food has tasting events you can book to learn about the city’s beautiful food and drinks.

sake tasting tokyo

In Tokyo City, every moment has a delicious memory attached to it. It offers an extensive menu of delectable places to try, mouth-watering dishes to taste, and beautiful memories to cherish. It’s a city that never sleeps, with 24/7 convenience stores that offer comfort to those hungry midnight cravings and to those who love a great breakfast dish in the morning. There’s always a variety and options to choose from ranging from familiar favorites to the ones you haven’t tried before and in Tokyo by Food, you can get to experience all these and more. Book a tour or maybe a tasting event and see where it takes you.

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