Mosaic Sushi Making Experience with Yoshimi Sensei in Asakusa

When I first came to Japan a few years back, their modern and tech-savvy lifestyle have always amazed me. Despite being so modern, I admire how Japan did not lose its traditional side especially with their food and how they prepare it.

Sushi has always been my favorite and luckily, I got the chance to try Mosaic Sushi class with Yoshimi-san. The class location was very convenient to find in Asakusa and the kitchen had a nice view of Sumida river. Our lesson started with very clear and interesting explanation of the Japanese food, table manners, Japanese food background and most important very detailed information about Sushi (textures, ingredients, types, recipe etc.).

Yoshimi-san, our cooking sensei was very kind, energetic and very professional. She speaks very fluent English and had so much experience traveling to many countries. She gave a very detailed explanation of every step and took good care of all the students during the whole cooking session.

We all started preparing all the ingredients from the beginning like broth for miso soup, chopping vegetables, egg omelet, cooking and fanning rice for sushi. We all were cooking at the same time so we can see and learn from each other, some of us made mistakes but all went well in the end. To my surprise, I didn’t know Japanese sushi have a lot of sugar in it, never ever felt that sugar is always there in sushi. There were many tourists in the class and we had a great time chatting, discussing food the whole time during our cooking class.

With around 2 hours we were ready with our Sushi rolls which were pretty and delicious. I liked the round one the most and my square sushi went horribly wrong while cutting the roll. I should be more careful next time.

Finally, I made my own sushi! And the best part is, I get to eat it and enjoy with the other participants. After finishing this class, I realized how it’s different and easy to learn new cooking recipes through actual cooking lesson instead of watching videos and trying to create the recipe at home—and alone. I am surely going to another Japanese cooking class to learn how to make other dishes like takoyaki and tempura. I highly recommend mosaic sushi making class with Yoshimi-san to all those who loves food and wants to learn Japanese cooking in Tokyo.

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