Nakameguro cherry blossoms at night
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Besting the list of Tokyo’s hip residential areas, Nakameguro, a name synonymous to hanami, is continuously rising to fame as a food destination. Described to have an eclectic mix of dining and drinking joints, specialty boutiques, hole-in-the-wall cafes, and a doggie-loving community, Nakameguro gets a spot in the limelight with the celebrities and renown hairstylists residing in the area.

This posh vibe attracts mostly yuppies who know how to spend their hard earned money at some of the coolest bars in Tokyo, which happens to be situated in Nakameguro.

Let’s strut down the classy alleys of Nakameguro and discover what delectable dishes that entice these happy-go-lucky yuppies and dog lovers to come back for more, a gem ready to be unraveled by locals and tourists alike.

Nakameguro cafe

Dine with style in the trendy restaurants that adorn Nakameguro. For a truly authentic izakaya experience, Nakameguro Yamaya is sure to be on your “must-dine places”. Yamaya’s chef is known for his meticulous of every ingredient landing his kitchen, hence one is assured of the quality of dishes served to them in every meal. And while one might think that Nakameguro’s high-class society vibe would surely only host restaurants with a hefty price tag, Yamaya begs to differ. For ¥999 for a lunch meal, one is guaranteed with a sumptuous meal fit for a king. For music lovers, Punk Rock Izakaya is a place wherein good food meets with good music. Here, while you fill your tummy with content, your ears, meanwhile will feast on the rock music piping from the izakaya’s speakers. Also, the entire restaurant is decked with different band posters and Japanese art. Who doesn’t love good art and fantastic food rolled in one place, right?

Nakamegro Yamaya Izakaya

Onigiri is the specialty of the Onigily Café, which serves fresh handmade onigiri, which is definitely a standout from your convenience store onigiri. At ¥167 a piece of ¥540 for a meal of two onigiri, pickles, miso soup and a drink, one is sure to have a happy and filing onigiri experience.


For the health-conscious crowd, Nakameguro also hosts several healthy options. For some smoothie fix, head on to Rooms. Meanwhile, vegans unite at Rainbow Bird Rendezvous wherein one can get their vegan lunch fix for only ¥1050. Another known healthy option restaurant is Kirara.

While Tokyo boasts of tons of sushi houses whether served through conveyor belts or made with care by seasoned sushi chefs and Nakameguro has its own homegrown sushi place to brag. At Iroha Sushi, aside from the delicately made sushi, with each piece handcrafted upon order. Also, the restaurant also serves deep-fried octopus or takokara. A meal of this exquisite goodness paired with a drink will cost you ¥1200.

Irohazushi Nakameguro from outside

Beer connoisseurs must pay their respects at Baird Taproom Nakameguro, the first pub opened in Tokyo by the beer company Baird Brewing, this watering hole serves 26 taps and 4 beer pumps of seasonal Baird Beer.

Caffeine levels are sure high at Artless Craft Tea & Coffee, which serves an array of single origin beans and organic tea.

Artless Craft Tea & Coffee

Whether having a superb meal or a taste of caffeine or barley, Nakameguro truly provides a worthwhile dining and leisure experience. Until our next foodventure!

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