Only two hours away from Tokyo, Nikko is an enchanting city with a history dating back over a thousand years.  North of Tokyo in the Tochigi prefecture, Nikko is so packed with shrines and nature that it will take more than a day trip to see them all.  Dating back to 766, Nikko is the final resting place of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the man who united Japan after years of internal conflict and is home to stunning scenery that is sure to take your breath away. When visiting, make sure to take the time to taste the local cuisine. Check out this list to find out the best eats available in Nikko.

Front of Tsuruya

Yuba is a dish that you will likely only be able to experience in Japan. Yuba is a byproduct that is created during the process of making tofu. Anywhere else in the world, yuba would be considered waste, but here in Japan, it is regarded as a versatile delicacy that can be paired with almost any dish. To get a taste of great yuba, make sure to visit Tsuruya Yuba. Here you will find all types of dishes featuring yuba. From yuba curry to yuba custard pudding, there will definitely be a yuba dish to suit your tastes.

Front Display of Sakaeya

Afterward, if you are still in the mood for yuba and are looking for a sweet treat, head on over to Sakaeya. This sweet shop is home to the Ageyuba Manju, a local delicacy that consists of sweet red bean paste wrapped inside yuba and fried, tempura style, then sprinkled with sea salt. Costing only 200 yen this deep-fried snack is known to cause long lines of people, longing for a taste of this delicacy.

Table at Gyoshintei

Since its founding, Nikko has been heavily associated with the many shrines and temples in the surrounding area. Due to the high density of places of worship, Nikko is home to Shojin Ryori, a special type of cuisine that is eaten by Buddhist monks. Shojin Ryori is made with the intent to not kill living things, and excludes meat, garlic, and onion. Instead, this cuisine places emphasis on fresh vegetables, wild mushrooms, and tofu to create a meal unlike any other. When in Nikko, make sure to get a taste of Shojin Ryori at Gyoshintei, a vegan-friendly establishment nestled in the wooded scenery of Nikko. Here you have the option of getting a full course Shojin Ryori meal as you sit looking out into the beautiful scenery of Nikko.

Wagyu Steak at Guruman's Wagyu

Wagyu beef is known worldwide for its high quality and taste, making it a must eat when visiting Japan. In Nikko, you can get a slab of mouthwatering wagyu beef at Guruman’s Wagyu. Though the restaurant takes a bit of effort to get to, it is certainly worth the trip to get a taste of Nikko-style Wagyu steak, served sizzling on a hot plate.

Shogetsu Himuro Shave Ice Strawberry Dessert

Nikko is not only known for its scenic views, but also for being a popular spot to escape from the summer heat. Nikko is a provider of high-grade ice due to its reserve of excellent quality water and its continuation of traditional ice-making methods. This allows Nikko shops to make delicious shaved ice desserts that will cool you off, and make your day. Shogetsu Himuro which has been around since the 1890s is the go-to place if you want to get a taste of amazing shaved ice. Made from natural spring water that is rich with minerals, make sure to get a serving of their ichigo darake: shaved ice formed into a cake and topped with sweet cream and strawberries.

Nikko is the perfect place to be able to view the beauty of nature, and at the same time to enjoy a fantastic meal. Make sure to check out this overlooked gem of a city on your next visit to Japan!

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