Nomihoudai: The Best Places for All You Can Drink in Tokyo


One of the things you will discover once you’ve set foot in Tokyo is Japanese people’s love for drinking, and this isn’t just some casual one-or-two-bottles of beers over conversations and whatnot, but the type with neverending free-flowing alcoholic drinks. We all know that Japanese people love to eat and their cuisine has always been one of a kind and truly outstanding, but they also like to have a good time and celebrate life to the fullest and often, they do it over drinking sake and eating skewers like yakitori. There is always something strangely beautiful about going out after dark or after work, share thoughtful conversations with a friend or a co-worker, and deal with the pain and laughter over free-flowing spirits which will soothe your soul. And that’s the concept of nomihoudai, the drinking counterpart of tabehoudai.

Nomihoudai plays an integral part in the contemporary culture of Japanese people and as we all know, most working class people in Japan go to izakayas on a daily basis to have a drink or two to call it a day. It’s their way of relaxing after a hard day of work. While most nomihoudai offer different prices and menu, the drinks are almost quite the same ranging from the popular sake, ice cold beer, wine, and mixed drinks. Sometimes you’d see a free-flowing coffee or tea nomihoudai restaurant complete with snacks to pair with your afternoon delight. When the night deepens, usually they offer discount prices which most people grab because why not? The night will always be young. This is a great way to have fun with your colleagues and friends while not going broke. It is recommended to come and visit at least one nomihoudai restaurant and enjoy capping off the night with a toast to great relations, great memories, and a great life. Listed down below are some of the best places for all you can drink in Tokyo which will surely capture your attention and probably drink more than two bottles.

  • 6 Hours Limitless Japanese Sake Drinking
    Have you always wanted to try drinking Japanese sake but don’t know where to start? Try the 6 Hours Limitless Japanese Sake Drinking in Ikebukuro. With their great and wide selection of over a hundred different types of Japanese sake, you get to taste Japan’s sacred and magical drink. You get to bring your own food and what’s more, you can get out and eat or have fun somewhere and come back and continue drinking. You will surely like this event. Drink up and share thoughtful conversations with strangers turned companions. Book now!
  • Kainomi
    Just two minutes away from JR Yotsuya Station, Kainomi is an izakaya that offers a wide range of menu and free-flowing spirits for their guests. While their menu is an ever-changing list of delicious dishes, they usually offer seafood to pair with your drink. Shrimp fries, shirako (which is highly recommended to pair with your sake), and shellfishes. You’ll also find sushi, sashimi, and the likes. As for the drinks, there are over 100 selections of drinks to choose from. There are two types of drink-all-you-can in Kainomi, which according to people are at very reasonable prices because they offer some of the most expensive spirits in town. Talk about having fun while not being broke! Located in 3F, Yotsuyagakuin Bldg., 1-9-6, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
  • Suisui
    This popular izakaya is located in a more touristy area in Ueno. They mostly specialize and serve free-flowing sake drinks, a 100 of them listed in their menu which came from 47 prefectures all over Japan. The owner itself is the one who selected the sake and you’re in good hands when he recommended something to you. You can always have a taste of everything and discover on your own what piques your taste buds. Once inside, you will instantly feel the happy vibe and the cozy atmosphere helps to relax your body and mind. Located in110-0015 Tōkyō-to, Taitō-ku, Higashiueno, 3 Chome−35−9.
  • Gusto
    Coffee junkies, rejoice. This family restaurant offers an extensive menu of coffee that ranges from the typical black coffee to something fancier like macchiato and drip coffees, not to mention some unique pairings like hibiscus and rosehip coffee and jasmine and oolong coffee. The fun part of this is that you get to have them all but of course, because it includes caffeine, it is recommended to take everything slowly and have a taste first so you can decide with the coffee drink you’ll be drinking for the rest of the time. Students who are reviewing frequent Gusto as well as teachers and working class people who prefer to down the day with coffee. Located in VARCA Nishi-Shinjuku build. 2nd floor, 7-16-11 Shinjuku, Tokyo.
  • Volks
    Now here’s an interesting nomihoudai restaurant that will surely capture your attention the moment you see it. It’s cheap, it’s free-flowing, and of course, it’s ice cold beer waiting for you. The catch though? You only have ten minutes to do the ordering and drinking! Talk about fast pacing and fast drinking. Though there’s a time limit to this, there’s really no penalty when you don’t finish your drink because most guests just pay again to avail the promo. If you don’t fancy a glass of beer, you can always opt to order wine and other liquors, which is not bad considering it’s cheap. So if you’re looking for an adrenaline filled night, Volks is the place to go. Located in Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Yoyogi 3-33-7 Forest Town Sandobashi 2nd floor.
  • Kobushi
    If the ramen poster didn’t get you the first time, then it’s definitely the unlimited beer that will get you walking inside this restaurant. Easy on the eye of people because of the sense of comfort it offers, Kobushi is actually a ramen restaurant that specializes in tsukemen and if you feel like pairing your ramen with some drinks, then comes the free-flowing spree of beer. They offer two types of unlimited beer which you can choose from. Once decided, they give you your pint of beer and you’ll also probably see yourself ordering some of the juiciest fried chicken in town with their karaage. Order up and drink the night away. Located in Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Nishi Shinjuku 7-4-6.
  • Green Tea Restaurant 1899
    Drinking matcha green tea is part of every Japanese people’s lives. But to incorporate it with alcohol and actually make it work and even better? That is something Green Tea Restaurant 1899 discovered and a lot of its patrons go here to have a taste of this new discovery. They offer a wide range of unlimited beer which is all mixed with Japanese tea. You might be surprised at first and maybe raised some brows but give it a shot and you’ll find yourself coming back the next time you’re around. Aside from that, they also offered unique dishes like green tea infused sausages, potato salad and desserts like cake and ice cream. You can always opt to drinking indoors or outdoors. Located in Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Surugadai 3-4.
  • Yokatai
    An izakaya that lets you drink unlimited beer for 24 hours? Sounds crazy but it actually is real! Yokatai lets you order up your unlimited beer and if you want to take a break or probably go home to sleep it off for some hours, you can always come back. What’s more even better than going home and coming back for your beer is how inexpensive their prices are. You won’t go broke the moment you step in and you get to enjoy some of the best beers in town. As for the food, you can always order up skewers which will never go out of style, that’s for sure. Located in Tokyo-to, Suginami-ku, Asagaya Minami 3-34-14.

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