Seated at Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is a man-made island that was initially designed to serve as a defense citadel from possible attacks and invasion. Now, Odaiba, which sits at the other end of the iconic Rainbow Bridge that connects it to Central Tokyo, is at the forefront of leisure and entertainment. It is the home of the famous Fuji TV. Tourists are greeted with a replica of the Statue of Liberty and a life-size Gundam robot. Adventure seekers who’d like a glimpse of the cityscape can hop on the Daikanrasha or the Ferris Wheel while technology nerds and car enthusiast will find the various museums and science displays housed in Odaiba. Those who would like to get a dip can do so at hot spring theme park Oedo Onsen. Indeed, Odaiba provides a venue that not only entertains but also educates both young and old.


And if you need to replenish your energy after all the sightseeing and discovering the mind-boggling wonders of all those science displays, Odaiba offers an array of food choices to keep you going. Here is your Odaiba food guide:

A tribute to one of Japan’s street food offering, the Takoyaki, is showcased at the Takoyaki Museum. The museum, or more aptly, a takoyaki-dedicated food court, houses several takoyaki makers who have perfected the art of making the takoyaki and putting their twist on it. What makes it more interesting are the takoyaki-themed arcade games that kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy.


Odaiba also has an array of specialty restaurants. Sojibo, a Halal-certified restaurant, in Diver City. This restaurant serves 100% Halal Japanese classic treats at reasonable prices. Meanwhile, experience the Tsukiji Market freshness at Tsukiji Sushiko located at Aqua City. The restaurant serves sushi and maki the classic way, via table service.


For those craving for the izakaya experience, Odaiba’s branch of Gonpachi, Quentin Tarantino’s inspiration for Kill Bill, stays true to the izakaya experience. Don’t be deceived with its faintly lit interiors, Gonpachi has a lively atmosphere and serves grilled food goodness, a perfect beer match for those who would like to have fun and filling time out. For a more luxurious izakaya experience, Hibiki is the place to be. Hibiki offers hearty grilled dishes that you can enjoy while overlooking Tokyo Bay.

Ramen lovers unite as ramen from across Japan has converged at Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai. The food joint is a host to several small ramen stores serving piping hot ramen delight.

Osaka’s pride, Okonomiyaki, has also found its way in Odaiba. Sink your teeth into the savory okonomiyaki that Tsuruhashi Fugetsu has to offer. For tourists, just flash your passport, and you can enjoy your customizable okonomiyaki at 10% less. Meanwhile, another fried goodness is the highlight of Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke, which serves fresh prawns magically seasoned and converted to crispy-fried tempura served in a bowl of Japanese rice.

From a defense structure to becoming a bustling arena of science, communication, and entertainment, Odaiba has created its mark, combining the beauty of Tokyo Bay and the modern architectural wonders that adorned the area. It has blossomed into a seat where minds and technological advancements meet that welcomes curious minds and adventurous palates.

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