Omotesando Tokyo

Lined with Zeklova trees and premier boutiques of international fashion brands, Omotesando acted during the earlier times as the “frontal approach” to the Meiji Shrine. The area exudes luxury shopping, second to Ginza and elegant modern architecture.

This shopping district, with its elegant vibe, is also a foodie haven as the area houses quaint cafes and restaurants. Let’s strut the aisles of Omotesando while we explore the gastronomic delights that this district offers in this Omotesando food guide.

Tokyo Place in Omotesando, Tokyo

Sushi, as it is synonymous with the country’s name Japan, is abundant all over Tokyo. At Omotesando, Heiroku Sushi is top of the mind when it comes to sushi. With an English-speaking environment in the restaurant, Heiroku Sushi serves affordable conveyor belt sushi with the usual toppings such as tuna, mackerel, and grilled salmon, as well as its a unique guest ingredient—avocado. Each plate color indicates its price, which ranges from ¥136 to ¥504. Also, a known sushi place within Omotesando is Tsukiji Tama Sushi Sasashigure, which serves sushi with freshest ingredients purchased directly from Tsukiji Market.

Heiroku Sushi in Omotesando

Teppanyaki with stars, anyone? Head on to Omotesando Ukai Tei, a Michelin-star laden restaurant, which combines Japanese teppanyaki technique with French flavors. Meanwhile, Kohmen offers authentic-tasting ramen dishes in pork-bone broth (tonkotsu) and tsukemen for only ¥1000. Indeed, Kohmen offers a bargain for a hearty bowl.

Omotesando Ukai Tei in Tokyo

And for avocado lovers, Madosh! Café pays tribute to avocado through its interior’s décor and its signature drink, avopuccinos. Not only avocados are incorporated in the drinks, but it is also included in every single dish on the menu.

A favorite food spot for families and dog lovers alike is Commune 2nd, which houses various food vendors to suit everyone’s palate. What’s good about the area is that its dog-friendly so you can bring your mutts along while you chow in one of the food stalls in the area.

Commune 2nd in Omotesando, Tokyo

For those looking for vegan options, worry no more for Omotesando houses Brown Rice Café, which whip ups seasonal veggie dishes from all over Japan. Brown Rice Café also dish up lunch sets and a la carte meals and provides English menu making it easier for guests to order.

Those who live a caffeine-fixed life rejoice for Omotesando showcases several coffee shops in the area. One of the favorite coffee space in the area is Lattest Omotesando Espresso Bar, with its minimalist and modern space, it is frequented by those who love to while their time or need a quiet space to work or read. And with lady baristas flashing you their sweetest smiles while mixing your perfect cup of joe, which is their specialty brew—Lattest—in caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, and bailey flavor, surely each visit would be an experience.

Lattest Omotesando Espresso Bar in Tokyo

Well-loved snack popcorn gets a Japanese twist at Kukuruza Popcorn. This popcorn store sells 36 popcorn variants, which rotates on a daily basis. Another store that serves a fusion of Japanese-Western snacks and desserts is Toraya. Which sells traditional Japanese confectionery and other snacks such as castella cakes, pudding, and shaved ice infused with Japanese flavors.

Kukuruza Popcorn in Omotesando, Tokyo

Omotesando, with its posh stance, still accommodates restaurants that are tourist friendly and serves authentic Japanese flavors (some with a twist) that its guests will enjoy. ‘Til our next foodventure.

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