Ramen Expert Hiroshi Shimakage

Tokyo will always be the kind of city that changes every time. There’s always something to look forward to the next day. Be it about fashion, places to see, or food to eat. But there will always that one thing that remains constant and evolving and that is a beautiful bowl of ramen. One can say that just the sound of people slurping to this bowl of goodness can already make you salivate and order one for yourself. It doesn’t matter how long you will stand and wait for your turn to sit down and order because all of this will pay off once you get your hands to your chopsticks and give in to the comforting broth of your ramen.

Now, there are over a hundred blogs dedicated solely to giving information about ramen and food tours that let you visit ramen-ya shops and have a taste of this delicious dish. One of them is local ramen expert Hiroshi Shimakage. He comes from a family that’s been in the business of making ramen and grew up in a community where ramen is the first thing that comes to your mind for breakfast. It has become a staple food in Hiroshi’s life, filling his tummy and finishing it with such vigor. He also manages a photo blog called No Reason, where it captures candid photographs of people, places, and bowls of ramen that he had. It’s basically a feast for the eyes as you scroll down the pages, showing you a different side of Japan, its people, and their utmost care for preparing their dishes. Whenever Hiroshi goes to a ramen-ya shop, he makes sure he gets a ticket for the chef’s specialty and spends time talking to the people from the shop and taking photographs of them (with their permission).

Hiroshi then teamed up with two foreigner ramen enthusiasts whom he met along his quest for the best ramen in town, and made a ramen guide app where you will find almost a hundred of ramen-ya shops that specialize honest to goodness, bold, and brilliant ramen made especially for you. It doesn’t only gives you information about traditional ramen-ya shops but also gives you a hole in the wall joints that feature bold, cutting-edge ramen and more. It is dedicated to ramen enthusiasts and celebrates the beauty of ramen. Aside from managing a blog and an app, Hiroshi also organizes ramen food tours in Tokyo. The great thing about his ramen tour is that you can either opt to book a traditional tour which focuses visiting two ramen shops which give you a taste of rich and lighter ramen or book a customized ramen tour in which you can tell him ahead of time.

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