Shiadome area of Tokyo

Shiodome in Minato-ku boasts massive skyscrapers and architectural wonders housing numerous offices and hotels and is the home of the striking Nippon Television Tower. Prior to its redevelopment and opening in 2002, Shiodome, which literally means “halt the tide,” was a marshland that separated the Imperial Palace from Tokyo Bay. Aside from gargantuan buildings, Shiodome also has well-manicured garden landscapes and a mini-Italian town, which resembles an Italian neighborhood. Wandering around the modern architectural landscape and unsure about where to eat in Shiodome? Check out some of these restaurants in Shiodome, offering up everything from sushi to crabs, ramen and katsudon!

Shiadome food guide

Jidori to Sengyo Yokatai

At Shiodome’s City Center, one can have a feast at the wide array of restaurants present in the area. For seafood served straight from Fukuoka’s fish market, head on to Jidori to Sengyo Yokatai. This restaurant is also popular for its unlimited chicken meal offer at ¥900 during lunchtime.


Another must try seafood restaurant in this side of Shiodome is Tsukiji Restaurant Gen-Chan, which serves the freshest seafood straight from the infamous market.

Menya Takeichi

A bowl of ramen, anyone? Head on to Menya Takeichi and be treated to their signature collagen-rich broth Chicken Paitan Ramen. The restaurant also offers spit-roasted meals perfectly complimented with sake.

Stand Bar Cutlet Maruya

Those who are into crispy yet juicy katsudon dishes can quench their cravings at Stand Bar Cutlet Maruya, wherein a meal will only cost you ¥700 with rice and miso soup included.

ramen restaurant Menya Takeichi

Caretta Shiodome

Meanwhile at Caretta Shiodome, one can indulge in an exquisite Edomae Tokyo-style prepared sushi at Misuji ranging from ¥2,500 for lunch up to ¥10,000 for dinner.

Northern Japanese Food Hokkaido

For a taste of Hokkaido, visit Northern Japanese Food Hokkaido and be treated to a feast of fresh crabs and sashimi paired with sochu or sake from their menu for as low as ¥1,000 for lunch and ¥4,000 for dinner.

Jackpot Shiodome

Oyster lovers unite at Jackpot Shiodome, which boasts of fresh and delectable oysters.

Misuji Sushi Restaurant

Omusubi Gonbei

For those craving for heavy on the go meals, grab an onigiri at Omusubi Gonbei, which offers 43 different onigiri flavors with prices ranging from, which offers 43 different onigiri flavors like wild salmon, cheese, octopus and chicken mayo. Each onigiri ranges from ¥160 to ¥180 per piece.


Another sushi joint to visit is Misuji, which prides itself of their nigiri sushi for ¥1000 to ¥1800 per order.


Those who favor izakaya-style dining, a must visit place is Sanjiya which offers Japanese style hotpot and grilled dishes.


Another izakaya place to dine in is Kappougi which serves Japanese style set meals and skewered breaded meats.

Omusubi Gonbei Shiodome

This newly opened modern district, which home of high-rise buildings need not intimidate you. This area also showcases a multitude of food places that one can truly enjoy to suit their price points. ‘Til our next foodventure!

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