Sukiyaki: A Pot Full of Happiness


Sukiyaki is a dish in Japan which is served in a nabemono or hot pot. It is composed of thinly sliced beef that is simmered together with different kind of vegetables and then flavored with sugar, soy sauce and more. It is usually popular during the year-end parties and during the winter season.

Types of sukiyaki
There are about two types of sukiyaki styles that you can try out namely: Kansai and Kanto styles. Learn more about the differences between the two and try to find out which one is more suitable to your taste as the battle between the two has been long going on.

  • Kansai or Western style
    Sukiyaki in the western region or the Kansai region is prepared using beef that is fried and browned using sugar before the liquid ingredients are added. For the tempura that gets added in the sukiyaki, they like to use vegetable tempura and then serve it with salt. The basic thing you will notice is that their dishes are prepared in a manner that focuses on the light and salty side of food.
  • Kanto or Eastern style
    The sukiyaki preparation in the Kanto region is different than the western region in a sense that the liquid part of the ingredients is first mixed together and the meat is later added and left to simmer. This soup base is known as Washita which is prepared using sugar, shoyu, mirin, sake and a whole lot more. The tempura in this style utilizes both vegetables and fish along with a dipping sauce that is soy-based. Their cooking is more of the dark and strong part of food that you will be looking for in your every bite.

The only thing that is similar in both styles of sukiyaki is that they both use eggs, raw at that, as a dipping sauce when eating sukiyaki. It is said that it originated in the Kansai region but up to date, both styles make use of it.

Best sukiyaki restaurants in Tokyo
As sukiyaki is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, there are quite a lot of famous restaurants that serve sukiyaki all over the country. Here are the top three restaurants that you will find in Tokyo that serves the best sukiyaki. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to try them out when you get to the city.

  • Ishibashi
    One hundred thirty-five years in the industry of Japanese restaurants. You would not want to go to Tokyo and miss out on the amazing chance to try this place in Ueno which specializes in sukiyaki. Every seat is divided into private for groups and families alike. Their sukiyaki takes advantage of the delicious Kobe beef and the dish is prepared on the spot, so you can watch the preparation.
  • Asakusa Imahan
    A legend in the sukiyaki industry is Asakusa Imahan with their signature sukiyaki that uses Wagyu beef, the best kind there is. It has been opened since 1895 up until this day. The location of the restaurant is near Sensoji temple, so you can detour from there and then eat up your portion of the meal after sending your prayers.
  • Yonekyu
    For more than a hundred years, this shop in Tokyo will give you the chills. The ambiance of the place is truly one of a kind, with their tatami style rooms, it makes the visit totally worth it. They have delicious sukiyaki that is definitely a sight to behold and their other dishes will make you want to come back again.

How are you handling your sukiyaki? Have you decided which one is better? If you haven’t then go ahead and keep trying because the wonders of sukiyaki will never fail to amaze you. Keep going because at one point, you will know where you will keep going back to get your sukiyaki.

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