Tasting Experiences in Tokyo

Taste and Compare Japanese Food and Drinks Joining a tasting experience in Tokyo will give you a chance to eat and drink multiple tastes in one time.

Japanese Whisky Tasting Tour in Tokyo

Feel the buzz as you take on a wonderful night tasting one of a kind whisky and unforgettable experiences in this amazing whisky tasting tour.
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Ota Tokyo

Japanese Sake Tasting and Painting Your Own Mt Fuji

Paint your heart’s emotion and bring it to life as you learn all about Japanese sake and great food pairing in this wonderful activity, perfect for artists and art enthusiasts.
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Daikanyama Tokyo

Tokyo Sake Tasting

Become a Japanese sake connoisseur during this comprehensive 1-hour Tokyo sake tasting!
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110-0036 Kappabashi Tokyo

Toshimaya Shuzo Sake Brewery Tour

Witness the magic and beauty of seeing firsthand, how Japanese people make their popularly sake drink in this fun and exciting Toshimaya Shuzo Sake Brewery Tour.
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Higashimurayama Tokyo

Tokyo Geisha Experience with Sake Tasting and Games

In this special sake tasting event, you can interact with beautiful geishas as you play a popular Japanese game and experience a night of dancing and having fun!
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110-0036 Kappabashi Tokyo

Japanese Tea Tasting and Snack Pairing in Roppongi

Fall in love not only by its arresting beauty and unique taste but also to its health benefits in this Japanese tea tasting and snack pairing event.
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106-0032 Roppongi Tokyo

Tasting 6 Mini Bowls of Ramen at 3 Award-Winning Shops in Tokyo

Taste not just one, but six mini bowls of ramen, while exploring Tokyo’s Nakameguro, Shibuya, and Ebisu!
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Nakameguro Tokyo

Tokyo Bar and Mixology Tour: Sake, Cocktail, Whisky and Food Pairing

Spend an awesome evening walking around the streets of Shinbashi and Ginza visiting great Tokyo bars, pairing luxurious drinks with delicious food in this fun and exciting mixology tour.
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Tokyo Shinbashi

Japanese Tea Tasting with Japanese Sweets and Snacks

One of the many things that Japan is known for is its tea. In this class, you will try six different types of tea and experience a matcha green tea ceremony.
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Meguro Tokyo

Why You Must Join a Tasting Experience in Tokyo

Are you curious about the characteristics of high-quality Japanese whisky? Want to become a sake specialist or a green tea expert? Or do you simply want to discover your new favorite type of ramen? You can answer all your burning questions by joining a tasting experience in Tokyo. From sake tastings and brewery tours to tea tasting events, whatever your special interest in Japanese food, you can find a tasting experience that will broaden your mind and your palate. From the wide variety of sake tastings (even one that’s accompanied by real geishas!) to brewery tours, to tea tasting classes, there is definitely a tasting experience that’s right for you. Whatever you choose, these tasting experiences will broaden your mind and your palate. With knowledgeable guides there to highlight important flavor notes and textures, answer questions, and give background info about the history and processes behind some of Tokyo’s most delicious food and drinks, the tasting experience will be just as educational and informative as it will be delicious! Then, you can put your knowledge to use and impress chefs and bartenders across Tokyo, as well as your family and friends back home.

Recent Reviews from Our Guests

"The tea course was a great introduction to Japanese teas from some tea experts living in Tokyo. The location is super cool, in an interesting and well designed bar that is set up nicely for talking and sharing drinks. As we had our tea we were told the story of what we were drinking. I learned some history of tea in Japan as well as the current process of growing and preparing high quality Japanese tea. The course moves through several different types of Japanese teas from green to yellow and red, cold and hot. There is also a great pairing of snacks with the tea, including the best honey I have had in my life! It went really well with the red tea (in my opinion). For travelers visiting Japan this is probably the best way to experience Japanese tea that comes directly from Japanese tea farms and is not blended with imported teas. I have been living in Japan permanently for a while and I can say this is the best tea I have had here!"
William W.
United States
"Everyone who wants to learn more about story of tea and taste extremely tasty, single origin, delicious teas; I would highly recommend this tea tasting event. The appetizers given with the tea were also very delicious. Ambient is also perfect for escaping the crowd and stress of the city. Dmitry and Marina has told us that they are always trying new methods to improve the taste of the tea and always select single origin teas by themselves which is very unique considering other regular places. In this tea tasting event, we were firstly given refreshing cold sencha when we first arrived. After that we have tried several other types of teas, while a short presentation of how tea is produced and different types of teas. I have learned many things from this event. I am looking forward to go there again! "
Emre G.