Tokyo by Food Affiliate Program

Here at Tokyo by Food lies a treasure trove of passionate chefs, restaurants, and local experts to welcome you to their home, Tokyo, and to experience their culture. We strive for everyone to meet incredible people, create a wonderful experience, and most of all, eat the best food imaginable.

We are inviting trendy food/travel/lifestyle blogs to join our Affiliate program. As an Affiliate, you will earn cash when your fans book through Tokyo by Food!

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Earn Money

For every booking done through your referral, you can earn up to 50% of the commissions of all qualifying events.

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We offer a wide variety of services, all having to do with food. Whether that’s wanting to live and eat like the locals, cook an authentic meal, or learn the fascinating history of the food culture in Tokyo, we have it all. Use our resources and events to enhance and create the travel experience of your dreams.

Enjoy the perks of Tokyo by Food

Of course, becoming an affiliate means getting to enjoy the many available events of Tokyo by Food as well. Become an affiliate today!

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