Tokyo Food Events: Where Strangers Become Friends

If you’re headed to Japan and traveling alone, you might be wondering what exciting things this land of the rising sun has to offer. With Tokyo its capital, Japan is a rollercoaster ride of excitement and beautiful memories. Traveling alone has its advantages: you get to do what you want the way you want it, you discover and re-discover things about yourself, and you get to enjoy this lifting and mind-boggling experience of a journey that’s truly yours infinitely. But it also has its disadvantages. After walking around the big city, buying gifts for yourself, visiting places you’ve never been, and eating alone without someone to share mindful conversations and banters with, you get kind of lonely in the process.

Now, there are plenty ways to get over this fear of missing out when you’re alone traveling in a foreign city or country. You can always join events and activities. In a city abundant of the freshest ingredients you won’t find anywhere else and the friendliest of people you’ll ever meet, the ever-lively city of Tokyo is a great place to start with. It’s a city that never sleeps with its bustling streets alive at night, its high-end fashion districts where you’ll find the best bargain for your clothes and shoes, and of course, the unique and delectable cuisine that always seem to surprise and tickle the tastebuds of first-timers and even its patrons. But there’s one particular activity that you can truly enjoy up to the last minor details and it’s joining a Tokyo food event.

There are lots of Tokyo food events happening in the city of Tokyo. There are cooking classes you can book where you’ll find yourself enriching your knowledge about how Japanese people take great care of preparing and making their scrumptious dishes and sharing insider tips and ideas with their guests. There are also food tours, which is one of the most popular tours and an absolute favorite among tourists in the city, where you’ll have your day all mapped out by visiting the local supermarket, walking around famous and off the beaten paths, and dining out to some of the most high-end restaurants and cheap thrills hole-in-the-wall goods in the streets. The beauty of being in a Tokyo food event is that it doesn’t just only get you familiar with the culture of the country but it also connects you to the place, the people you’re with, and to yourself. And what’s even more beautiful than this is that you get to meet new people and become lifelong friends with them. After all, aside from music being a potential thread linking a person to another, food is the common denominator of people and nothing beats the idea of sharing great food, cold drinks, and mindful conversations with strangers turned friends.

When joining a cooking class or a food tour, you learn about the culture of Japan. You may not notice it at first because you’re probably busy admiring those lovely ingredients in front of you or salivating at the idea that the next food stop comprises of a delicious set meal of spicy ramen noodles, crispy shrimp tempura, and a cold pint of beer. But as you go on and take the tour or the class, you become familiar with both the person and the place. You start to adapt and fall in love with the colorful and lively culture of Japan and the Japanese people.

Fancy learning the language of Japan while still enjoying your katsudon and okonomiyaki? Or maybe practice the language over hot matcha green tea and native delicacies? Then this special service called SpeakMates is the one for you. Most lessons revolve around a four-walled room with a teacher telling you how to speak this and that which most people find kind of intimidating. However, you don’t have to undergo the pressure of writing your notes down and following word after word because, in SpeakMates, you get to practice your speaking skills with your mentor in a chosen location with a small group of people and have fun while learning the language. It’s simple, fun, and you get to know more about the locals and fellow tourists.

You meet new friends. Whether you’re a solo traveler or with your family and friends, it’s always a celebration when you get to meet new people. Most Tokyo food events don’t require having a partner for you to join and this is one of the best things about it because when the class or the tour has ended, you didn’t only just learned about food, culture, and people in Japan but you also gained a new friend or what’s better, new friends! These strangers turned friends are probably one of the best souvenirs you’ll bring home once your trip has ended. It feels like it’s almost the winning prize whenever you join a food event which is always a great thing!

Ah, Japan. With its diverse culture and delicious dishes, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best places to go to alone or with your family and friends and meet new people along the way. So the next time you’re around, join a food event, enjoy yourselves and create new memories with the new people in your life.

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