Tokyo Ramen Tours

Most Delicious Ramen Tours in Tokyo Join a ramen tour in Tokyo and experience ramen like a true local

Why You Must Join a Ramen Tour in Tokyo

The best ramen in Tokyo can be difficult to scope out, and with thousands of ramen restaurants , numerous chain ramen shops, and several different types of ramen available, it can be confusing. Don’t just settle for Ichiran Ramen (though of course, Ichiran Ramen is delicious) when there is such a huge variety of unique Japanese ramen to try, from black squid ink ramen to hot and spicy tantanmen to tsukemen, a dipping-style ramen which comes with a thick ramen broth and dry ramen noodles on the side. During a Tokyo food tour, you will be accompanied by a local Japanese food expert, with insider tips and knowledge about Japanese etiquette, customs, and history. During a Tokyo ramen tour, they’ll not only show you where to find the best ramen in Tokyo, but also teach you about the varieties of ramen, like shoyu ramen, shio ramen, tonkotsu ramen, and miso ramen, to name a few different types of ramen soup. By the end of the ramen tour, you’ll be slurping these Japanese noodles like a pro. Tokyo food tours are also an amazing way to meet new people with similar interests in this vast, bustling city. So, to discover the best ramen restaurants in Tokyo, meet fellow travelers and locals, and learn about Japanese food culture and etiquette, there’s no doubt that joining a ramen tour during your Tokyo trip is the way to go!

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"Frank knows everything about Ramen."
William J.
United States
"Our guide did a great job explaining everything about ramen. It was also a great opportunity to make new friends. This ramen tour was one of our highlights in Tokyo."