The busy, on-the-go lifestyle of the Japanese has turned Tokyo into an area that is easily accessible through trains. The Japan railway system is so efficient but at times can be a bit overwhelming to tourists. Despite this, it has introduced the spur of grub hubs for people on the go. Tokyo Station is an epitome of the mix of commerce, convenience, shopping, and food stops for people who either need a quick bite or those who have extra time to spend and behold the architecture, sights and tastes offered in the station.

Ramen is indeed a big thing in Japan that the Tokyo Station housed several of the best ramen places at the Tokyo Ramen Street within Tokyo Station’s Yaesu South Exit side. Whether your craving for the traditional ramen style or opt for a more contemporary twist to this classic favorite, one can never go wrong with the options available at Tokyo Ramen Street. It is so popular that queues can get quite long. These ramen restaurants are usually open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. For those with intense tsukemen craving, head on to Rokurinsha, though wait time can be a bit long. Those who are fond of shio ramen must try Kizo’s version.


Meanwhile, Ikaruga’s best bet are its contemporary take on ramen like its three-cheese maze soba. Tanmen and chicken karaage is the specialty of Tanmen Tonari while Oreshiki Jun is best known for its tonkotsu ramen broth. Chuka soba, anyone? Soranoiro Nippon is the place to be. Senmon Hirugao combines the taste of chicken and seafood broth and Hokkaido noodles, their top bet in the ramen game.

Aside from Ramen Street, also featured is Japan Gourmet Street, lined with specialty stores catering to regional food. Located at First Avenue of Tokyo Station, those looking for the “Jewel of Toyama Bay” need not look further for this white shrimp delicacy is the premier dish of Toyama Shiroebitei. Meanwhile, a famous sushi bar in Hokkaido, Tachigui Sushi Kantaro, serving superb sushi, has found its home in the labyrinthine Tokyo Station.


Then there is also Kitchen Street, a smorgasbord of izakayas, sushi houses, dessert places that will leave your cravings satisfied. Highly recommended for some real fruity-licious goodness is Kajitsuen, which serves fruit parfaits and sweets for those looking for healthier options.

To cure your sweet tooth, rush to Okashi Land and get your dose of sugar from top confectioners: Morinaga, Calbee, and Glico. At Morinaga, choco balls of various flavors are the star as well as cakes stuffed with Kyoro-Chan. Meanwhile, Calbee Kitchen takes pride of its wickedly delicious concoction of potato chips, ice-cream and chocolate sundae sauce.


Tokyo Station’s grandeur is noticeable not only in its architecture but also in the intricate web of convenience stores, boutiques, and food places all housed under its roof. It indeed mirrors the busy, go-getter nature of the Japanese, who may opt to work hard yet knows how to take a break and enjoy their delectable cuisine and have a drink at the end of the day.

Aleli is a wanderlust whose main itinerary is to culture soak in the places that she sets foot on, sinking her teeth in the gustatory offerings that the place has to offer and knowing the story behind it. Food for her is a marriage of the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the rich history of every city she explores and uses the pen as her tool to share to the world each unique experience she unravels.

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