What to Expect in Your Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo

Excited for your Japanese cooking class in Tokyo? We’ve listed some tips on what to expect to make the most out of your visit:

Essentials will be provided, you just have to bring yourself

Joining a cooking class is basically hassle-free. Apron, instructions, ingredients and all other essentials will be provided during class. You can even take home some of them as a souvenir!

It will start on time with or without you

Everyone knows how punctuality is deeply rooted in the Japanese culture. They say that if you arrive exactly on time, then you’re already late. As in any type of activity, everything starts on schedule so make sure to show up in your class at least 15 minutes early.

Everyone is welcome whether beginner or experienced cooked

Whether it’s your first time cooking Japanese food or first time cooking in your life, you’re most welcome to join any of our featured cooking classes. Lessons are simplified and easy to follow for anyone who just wants to have a taste of authentic Japanese food.

You can meet and share your meal with other people

Most cooking classes are intimate, with 6 participants at the most for each session. You can meet other tourists from different parts of the world and have a good conversation with them while enjoying your personally crafted meals.

You can bring home the recipe to recreate back home

A printed copy of the recipe is usually given out after the class. Instructors are more than willing to help you find ingredients in the local Japanese grocery or suggest substitutes that you can use in your home country. Surprise your friends by rolling your own sushi in your next house party!

Learn some Japanese words and etiquette

Itadakimasu (いただきます) is what you will often hear before Japanese people start their meal. It is a way of humbly showing gratitude for what the food that they are about to receive. This is just one of the many Japanese words you can add to your vocabulary and etiquette that you will learn to gain more appreciation of the Japanese culture.

It will be one of your best souvenirs from Tokyo

Experiencing authentic Japanese food is always one of the highlights when visiting Japan. Taking a Japanese cooking class makes the food experience more meaningful as you actually get to prepare the meal, enjoy every sumptuous bit of it, and bring home the wonderful travel memories.

Save room for surprises

There may be a lot of Japanese cooking classes being offered for tourists in Tokyo but one thing’s for sure: each has their own unique surprise to leave with you as you cook your way to authentic Japanese cuisine.

If you feel ready for your cooking class in Tokyo, start exploring cooking classes now!

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