Yokohama is known for being one of the biggest cities of the Greater Tokyo Area. With dazzling views of the Pacific Ocean and its pristine waters, it isn’t hard to see why Yokohama is a must on any travel itinerary.

If you do put this shining city on your to-do list, make sure to check out these restaurants for amazing food experiences in Yokohama.

Ikebana flower arrangement at Konohana

If you’re looking for traditional Japanese food in Yokohama, head over to Konohana, located on the 8th floor of the Sheraton Hotel at Yokohama Bay. Here will you be treated to a seven-course meal with a variety of seasonal dishes featuring local produce. While overlooking a scenic Japanese garden, you can enjoy dishes ranging from tempura to udon, and rest assured that you are receiving the most delicious traditional Japanese experience at Konohana.

Ohtanaworen niku-yage, or beef hotpot

Looking for a hearty meal? Then head on over to Ohtanawanoren, where you can get a delicious bowl of beef hotpot. Established in 1868, Ohtanwanoren has been around since the Meiji period and has been serving gyu-nage, a precursor to the sukiyaki, since it first opened its doors. Ohtanwanoren serves up hotpot with miso, green onions, and a generous amount of beef, for a truly mouthwatering dish.

Basement floor of Shinyokohama Ramen Museum

In the mood for ramen? Then there’s no better place to go to in Yokohama than Shinyokohama Ramen Museum. Here you can learn about the history of ramen, while enjoying noodles from some of Japan’s finest ramen shops. On the basement floor, you will find an impressive replica of Tokyo from the Showa period, with nine shops showcasing ramen from regions all across Japan. You can either choose to have a large bowl of ramen, or go for the sample size and taste the different types of ramen. Either way, you are sure to have a great time!

Seating area of Sugai

One of the pricier options on this list is Sugai, a Michelin two-star restaurant. Hidden amidst the busy streets of Yokohama, this small establishment is one you won’t want to miss. With only 18 seats available, you’ll want to make reservations to get a taste of delicious dishes prepared by master chefs. At Sugai, there is no menu and the dishes are left up to the chef’s discretion, but worry not because regardless of what you are served, there is sure to be something that will bring a smile on your face!

Yakitori at Ribatei

Off the beaten path, you will find Ribatei, an establishment that specializes in yakitori. Since the end of World War II, the chefs at Ribatei have been perfecting their craft, and know the ins and outs of yakitori. The business runs in the family, and the current owner and chef, Tomotsugu Sakakibara, has more than twenty years of experience grilling up tantalizing yakitori. Make sure to get plenty of drinks to accompany these fantastic skewers.

Regardless of where you decide to get your fill of delicious food in Yokohama, you are sure to be in for a mindblowing meal. So, make sure to put this iconic city on your list, and head out to try all the delicacies your stomach can hold.

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